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I just wanted to write I am sorry for taking over and then not having any posts.  I had some personal things going on but all is good and we will be back to normal this week!!!


Planning for the future!

To get things back on track I would like to start with a post everyday Monday through Friday.

I would like to do them on the following schedule:

Mondays –  Funny/Ridiculous/Dangerous/Peculiar ads from craiglsist or others

Tuesdays- Rescue horses in need of adopting

Wednesdays- Rescue horses where are they now

Thursdays- Post about horse health, barn maintenance, trailer maintenance etc

Fridays- Anything Goes!!!


Updates and time sensitive material will be posted as needed.  I really hope to get this back to where is was when we all enjoyed it.  Lots of comments (I will let anything go unless it is personal attacks) and discussion.  We don’t all have to agree, that is what makes it fun and interesting.

Again if you want to have something featured, or have any other comments, suggestions or stories please feel free to submit them to



Fugly Horse of the Day

The bitch is back!!! The plan for this is to take it back to the beginning with lots of snark and great information all wrapped into one. For this we will need your help. Send us your funny craigslist ads, your news stories that need attention, rescue horse updates and anything else you think we should feature.  Email us at  I probably will create a schedule of certain posts on certain days but I also want to know what you want.