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Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  You have won the bad parent de jour!

received_10206737906711625_zpsdfrdcjidIt gets even better than the picture.  Here is the Ad Text:



You have what? You have ridden him on the trails with no worries?  Great parent you are.  No worries about what, about potentially killing or severely injuring your daughter.  Why oh why are you taking that risk?  That baby is little, probably 4-6 months.  They are still gaining head control at that point. You feel you can safely ride the horse and maintain proper holding on your infant?  What if something happens?  There is no way you can maintain a horse and keep a hold of the baby properly.  This is just a stupid risk to take and when something happens you will scream freak accident.  No sweetheart a freak accident is a meteor falling from the sky, this is just stupidity and taking dumb risks.  I get it, you want to ride but pay a babysitter and potentially save your baby’s life.

Going back to the first picture, it is as stupid as the riding with the kid.  It doesn’t matter how good a horse is, they are still horses and still unpredictable. Which means leaving him potentially attached (I really hope he isn’t attached and the rope is just there) to your baby carriage. Can you imagine if he spooked and that rope got caught in the stroller and now your 1000 pound horse is dragging your child all over kingdom come all because you wanted a cutesy photo. Or it could be as simple as him jumping to the side and knocking the stroller over and stepping on her.  Either way a photo op is not a good enough reason to give up control of your horse.

Stop, just stop.  Either get someone to come with you to the barn to help you with the child or pay someone to leave the child at home.  Don’t risk your child’s future because you are selfish.





Your wording matters



This popped up on Facebook today and of course made the crowd go wild:

download (4)

This person eventually went on to delete the post.  This is why your wording matters.  There was nothing in the original ad about these being recipient mares.  Just looking for mares “to breed”, without papers, without mention of quality.  It is easy to see how people got upset and  so did I.   The first ad screams backyard breeder and someone who is breeding without care.  The kind I think of as breeding horses only because the have the right parts rather than trying to breed the best horse possible.  A big reason I think everyone jumped on the original person is the ad is so plausible.  All of us have dealt with the person who is breeding horses willy nilly.  If you haven’t come across one of these people consider yourself lucky because they seem to be everywhere.  They all think they can so what they want and if they want to breed Bessie who looks like a cow to Earl who looks like a goat that is their prerogative.  It is sad but it is the world we live in.   So when everyone jumped on this person it wasn’t to be mean it was because they see it all the time and there really is no reason to breed such low quality animals.

Turns out, as she says in the comments, that she was looking for recipient mares for an embryo transfer program.  How hard would it have been to just ask for that in the original ad?  “Looking to purchase some mares to receive embryos.”  That wasn’t difficult.  Plus it puts people in a much better position to help, and allows you to find the perfect mares. Not every mare is cut out to be a recipient.  They have to deal with drugs, being handled and palpated, not to mention that have to be good moms and be reproductively sound.  Not every mare fits that bill.  Which is why just mentioning it would have saved the bashing you endured and gotten you closer to your goal of acquiring mares.

Another thing to consider when buying horses with the intention of using them as recipients is their suitability.  Ideally you need a mare about the same size or larger than the donor mare.  You also need a mare that is at the same exact spot in her cycle as the donor mare. This can be done with drugs but some mares don’t tolerate the drugs well. This is the reason the large breeding facilities that offer embryo transfer have so many mares available for lease or purchase.  You can bring you mare in for flushing after the breeding that they will usually have several recipient mares to chose from that are a match for your donor mare.  This usually works out better than trying to sync your own mares, although I know people who have done it.

The one thing I might have issue with is the needed of multiple mares.  If she has multiple donors than that is why one would need multiple mares but I don’t like this “pseudo cloning” thing some people are doing.   That is when they take one mare and one stallion and then try to create as many foals as possible.  To me that is just flooding the market and it does nothing to help better the breed.   We just make genetically similar horses that are then prone to the same genetic defects or anomalies.  What does this mean for the offspring?  Well it can lead to one illness or condition wiping them all out at once because they are so closely related. AQHA allows unlimited registered foals out of one mare. (Side note: I feel like I read somewhere that this rule was being changed to go back to one foal a year, but I cannot find any evidence of that.)  While some in the industry say it hasn’t changed prices or flooded the market I still think that the risk of lack of genetic diversity could still have an impact on the horse industry.

All in all I think embryo transfer can be a really good tool for breeding the best of the best horses. If you have a mare that is competing at the top of her game and you don’t what her to miss a season it is a great way to be able to breed her without risk to her and without missing any shows. Are there limitations and risks, yes or course, but it is one way to get better quality horses.  Just make sure you chose your words carefully.

Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta part 3

Click for Part 1 or Part 2

It’s a Hat Trick!

 Part III

You might guess from the title of the story that there is a third horse involved in the MeSue Kinsman-Babock saga.  Not only is MeSue a pathological liar, she is also a back yard breeder.  Back in 2002, MeSue’s APHA mare foaled a paint colt which she named Smokin’ Yippy Skippy.

Picture of Smokin’ Yippy Skippy as it appears on his APHA papers

Picture of Smokin’ Yippy Skippy as it appears on his APHA papers

When Skip was old enough, MeSue sent him out for training so that her late husband could ride him on trails.  After 120 days with the trainer, Skip returned ready to be ridden.  MeSue’s late husband did ride Skip a few times, but I was told it didn’t go well.  You see, Skip only grew to be 14.1 hands, and her husband weighed 320 pounds (MeSue told me this herself).  Apparently when the husband attempted to ride, Skip would walk a few steps, stop, and refuse to go any farther.  Poor pony! I’m surprised he could walk at all while carrying well over a third of his own weight on his back.

One of MeSue’s neighbors had four kids at the time.  MeSue sold them four of her horses, one of which was Skip.  After a while the kids became bored of the horses, so the mom got them four new ones while the “boring” horses were forgotten about.  This continued for about four years until animal control was called out, resulting in the confiscation of more than two dozen animals (miniatures, horses, and donkeys).  MeSue told me she was there at the time of the seizure.  Animal Control offered her any of her horses back if she wanted them.  She declined.

When the horses were healthy enough to be rehomed, they were put up for adoption.  Skip was the last pony left; he was at risk of being euthanized if no one took him.  I ended up taking Skip to save him from being put down.  When I picked him up, the AC staff informed me that MeSue had offered up Skip’s APHA papers to the new owner.  All I had to do was call her up and she’d mail them to me.

After two months of rehab, Skip still looked pretty bad

After two months of rehab, Skip still looked pretty bad


My quest to obtain Skip’s papers began.  Long story short, after calling MeSue several times, she eventually promised to send the papers.  I never got them.  I left messages; she never called me back.  Finally I called rather late one night and she answered the phone.  Her response to the request for papers was, “Well, you know, I’m not sure he’s in a good home.  I’m really worried that he’s not in a good place.  I love him so much that I need to see him with my own eyes before I will give you his papers.  I need proof that he is being cared for.”  What!?!?  You watched him starve and be neglected at your neighbor’s house for four years and you did nothing, but now suddenly your piece of paper is too important to send in the mail?  I offered to send her photos, but that wasn’t good enough for MeSue.   In the best interest of Skip, I set up a time to meet MeSue so she could see the horse.  Of course, I never heard from her again.

Looking good once again

Looking good once again

Skip had his own set of problems.  He had a lot of holes in his “training” and also a bit of a mean streak.  We did a lot of different types of work with him.  He was ponied, did flat work, was ridden on trails, and learned to do trail course obstacles with ease.  While he was cooperative 95% of the time, it was easy to see that Skip had a stubborn side.

Skip was ridden on a regular basis by adults and a couple of competent high school girls.  He became very reliable on the trail, although it was obvious that there were people that he liked and others who he did not.  I was on the latter list, although we had an understanding and got along quite well.

After trail riding him for several months, the search began for Skip’s new home.  He seemd to not want to leave the farm though.  Every time a prospective buyer came to see him, he would pull another stunt out of his bag of tricks.  The very first time I showed him, he bolted across the arena, coming to an abrupt stop in front of the gate.  Naturally, I was immediately thrown over Skip’s head.  The only comical part of the incident was that that lace of my boot was caught on the gate hinge.  I was laying on the ground with one leg stuck up in the air.  Of course, prospective buyers never believe you when you say, “He’s never done that before!”  This time it was true, at least with me.  Something tells me he had probably pulled stunts like that in the past.  Another nice lady came out with her husband.  While we were grooming Skip, he tried to kick the husband three or four times.  They left without riding him.  Another family came out, rode for over an hour, and fell in love.  As soon as they were done we turned Skip out in the pasture.  He mysteriously became lame and was walking around like an old, crippled horse.  That was a deal breaker.  Of course as soon as the people’s car drove away, Skip was as sound as ever.

Eventually Skip was rehomed to a great family that had lots of room for him to roam and enjoy life.  I gave the new owner MeSue’s information, hoping she’d have better luck getting the papers than I did.  MeSue pretty much gave her the same run-around that she had given me.   To this day I believe MeSue still has Skip’s papers, although she has not owned him for nine years and has turned down several opportunities to take him back (in the event that she really did love him as much as she claims).

Don’t give or sell a horse to this woman

Don’t give or sell a horse to this woman

In conclusion, the two thoroughbreds had a happy ending (thus far).  Skippy has passed around a bit since he is not suitable for little kids and he’s on the small side for most adults.  Hopefully he’ll find his forever family soon.

MeSue Kinsman-Babcock and Oreo

MeSue Kinsman-Babcock and Oreo

A few years ago MeSue was in an accident involving her horse, Oreo.  Apparently she was doing some type of gaming when she fell off or was bucked off her horse.  Her horse then trampled her, resulting in broken ribs and a collapsed lung.  Some people in the horse community were calling it “equine karma”.  I’ll leave it open to your own interpretation.

Fugly in.  Guest writer, you are a saint.  Thank you so much for all you did for all three of these horses.  Thanks too for writing it down and sharing their stories! 



Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta part 2

Where’s William?

First pic (1)

As promised, here is part two of the saga surrounding the 2008 story of two thoroughbreds that were given away on Seattle Craigslist.

While Peter was safe and sound, no one knew what happened to William.  MeSue supplied one photo of him to assure everyone that she had not dumped him someplace.  After that, he seemed to disappear from the radar.

PicA (1)

William in 2008

In 2013, while reading a Facebook page that lists free horses in Washington, there was an ad posted for a Free 10 year old thoroughbred.  Again, I had the eerie feeling that this was a horse I had encountered in the past.  Upon further inquiry, I found out that the horse’s name was indeed William.   A woman named MeSue owned him, and he had been pawned off on different people in the community for several years since MeSue didn’t want to take care of him.  After he was originally picked up in May of 2008, I am told by several sources that he was taken to a “trainer’s” farm.  MeSue dropped him off, paid for a month of board, and never came back for him.  For FIVE years he was passed around to different people while MeSue’s son would ride him occasionally in WASHET.

Not only did I want William and Peter to be reunited, but I also knew William’s life was in danger once again.  MeSue stated she would be taking him to the auction in Hermiston if he didn’t get picked up soon.  Why would MeSue haul him to the Hermiston sale (in Oregon) instead of taking him to the Enumclaw sale which is much closer?  Unlike the Enumclaw sale, the Hermiston sale does not offer up horses for a “second chance” after they are purchased by kill buyers.  Many of them load up the night of the sale and begin their one-way trip across the border.   You drop them off, they run through the sale, and after that they vanish with no paper trail.  Convenient, right?

William was being offered to the first person that showed up with a horse trailer.  While people in the community were working to protect him, I knew I had to act quickly since there was an auction coming up just a week away.  You can probably imagine by now that any transaction with MeSue is not going to be a simple one.  Although the horse was free, I was now told he was $35 to cover his wormer and vaccines.  Then the price went to $75, and before I knew it the horse was going to cost $150.  MeSue claimed she’d just had his vaccines done and his teeth floated and needed to be compensated for the cost.  After getting an address and setting a time, I headed over to pick William up.

I arrived at the house at 11:00 in the morning.  The horses were running wildly around the pasture still waiting for their breakfast.  MeSue met me in the road and began telling me the story about how she had obtained William and was erroneously accused of wrongdoing.  She proceeded to talk about the death threats she had received, and claimed to have a two-inch thick file in the house that was full of hate mail.  She continued whine about how she was being victimized, all the while using her tongue to play with her fake tooth in a fashion that only a small child would find amusing.

This, my friends, is the textbook definition of sociopath.  As defined by  A person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

Sound familiar?

William was fairly easy to catch, although he clearly didn’t want to be taken away from his small pile of food, which would normally be his only meal of the day.  He was thin, dirty, and covered in thick layer of dried mud.  The other horses in the pasture had blankets, but not William.  He was clearly just a third wheel.  After loading in the trailer, MeSue reminded me of the money that was needed to cover his vet bill.  I asked if she had any records to document when he’d had his dewormer, vaccine, and dental exam so that I could pass them along to my vet once we got home.  While still witlessly flicking her porcelain prosthetic in and out of her mouth, she tapped her temple with her finger and said, “It’s all up here.”  As I quickly got in the truck to drive away, she asked me to send lots of updates on him since she loved him so much.   Ummm, clearly not.

Although it was the middle of winter, William got a bath when we got home.  He was also dewormed and had his feet trimmed.  Under all the mud I found a huge abscess in one of his hooves just below the coronet band.  It would take more than a year to get his feet healthy enough so he’d be sound again.  Some of the photos of his hoof rehabilitation are too graphic to share, so they won’t be posted here. He also had a fractured knee sometime at the track and had not had care for it.

PicB (1)

Hoof abscess all cleaned up

After giving him an anthelmintic, he started passing tons of bot fly larvae.  Clearly he had not been dewormed earlier.  My vet said he had not his teeth floated either.  Pretty much everything MeSue said was a lie.  William also had severe skin problems. His hair was falling out in handfuls, leaving huge bald patches all over his body.  The vet said it was due to malnutrition.

Through his tattoo, the horse was identified as Vymeajag, a 2003 Canadian bred gelding that raced briefly at Hastings Park and also Portland Meadows.  Total earnings: $6843.

Vymeajag currently resides with his old pal, Petersburg Knight, and has a pony mare that is his best friend.

PicC (1)

The new Peter and William

Personality wise, Peter and William are polar opposites.  William enjoys life in the slow lane and avoids work at all costs. He has got to be one of the laziest thoroughbreds on the planet! Nevertheless, he is a reliable trail horse and has also excelled at trail course obstacles.

Peter and William on a trail ride

Peter and William on a trail ride

All dressed up for Cinco de Mayo

All dressed up for Cinco de Mayo

Vymeajag has also been in parades and can be ridden by youth.  During his first parade, he lead the whole time and was as cool as a clam.

Parade in 2013

Parade in 2013

Doing what they do best…mowing the grass

Doing what they do best…mowing the grass

I survived

Law Enforcement Fail

Ratemyhorsepro had an article today about the abuse allegations over at Cumberland Riding Academy in Tennessee. To quote the officer directly,  “Time is of the essence in these cases,” Sgt Ryan says. “The video was taken a week prior.”  A week fucking prior.  So now they are not going to file charges.  I read the police report and have come to the conclusion that according to these officers I can beat my horse at will as long as they are fed and cared for.  Well Sgt. Ryan how about this, how about you, and maybe the “trainer” Kimberly should go stand in the corner of that arena and we will beat you around the shoulder, neck, and face with a lunge whip and then you can tell us it isn’t abuse.  Admit it, Kimberly, you lost your temper.  There was absolutely NO reason to hit that horse in the manner you did.

You scared your student, who clearly knew what you were doing was wrong as she told you she thought you were freaking out the horse.  That is child speak for you are scaring me by how you are treating that animal.  How in the world are we supposed to teach our children love and compassion for animals when we beat the animal when it gets confused.   What sort of example are you setting? Is that the example you want to set, that it is ok to lose your temper anytime a horse doesn’t understand the question. If you thought it was strange that the horse was acting in that way why did you jump straight to hitting rather than attempt to investigate.  There were so many others ways to handle this situation without hurting the horse, and mentally hurting your student.  This incident has caused you to lose at least one student and do unmeasurable damage to your reputation, all because you couldn’t step back for a second and look at the pony.

If you are not proud of how you acted you need to step up and admit it.  Say you are sorry.  Apologize not only for how you treated the horse, but how you made your student feel. Neither was acceptable and both make you not a very good trainer. It appears for now you have kept your job, but the officer did say you were on notice.  Heed that warning, but think about your actions.  Think about how you could have handled the situation differently.  It also wouldn’t hurt to go back to remedial lunging training for you.  Your body language in the video wasn’t exactly encouraging for forward motion which compounded an already bad situation as the horse was already scared shitless by how you were treating him.

In the end, even though the police didn’t find what you did criminal, it was wrong.  It was wrong to treat the horse like that, wrong to give your student that impression, wrong to ignore your student’s feelings and wrong to try to hide all of it from social media.  Everyone must remember, in this day and age you are probably on video some where.  Keep that in mind as we interact with our animals and each other.


Guest Post – Where are they now trifecta

Fugly: I hope you all enjoyed your Derby Weekend.  This week we are going to feature three horses rescued and where they are now.  They were featured in the original Fugly Blog but since we can’t access archives we don’t have original links.  This will be a three part series so enjoy!

On this weekend seven years ago, many of us watched in disbelief as Eight Belles broke both front legs after crossing the finish line in the Kentucky Derby. It was that same first weekend of May 2008 that two former racehorses were given away on Craigslist in Western Washington to an innocent looking woman who claimed they’d be used by 4-H kids. The two thoroughbreds were known at the time as Peter and William, and they had both had very tough lives. What happened after they were given away was quickly picked up by Fuglyblog. (A summary of the original story can be found here.


Peter and William as they appeared on Seattle Craigslist in 2008

For those of you who weren’t Fugly readers back in 2008, Peter and William were owned by a serviceman who was being deployed. He originally offered the horses up for sale. A friend of a friend knew the horses and sent me the info, but I was not in the market for a horse at the time. With no prospective buyers for the horses, the owner posted them for free on Seattle Craigslist. A contemptuous woman, who we would later know as MeSue Babcock, showed up with a song and dance about what a great life the horses would have helping kids in a local 4-H program. The horses were loaded up and she drove off with them, never to be heard from again, or so she thought.

It just so happened that MeSue pick the two horses up the same morning of the monthly horse sale at the Enumclaw Auction. As I prepared to head out to the auction that day, I quickly opened my e-mail to look at the pictures of the two horses my friend had sent me. I had an eerie feeling that the horse staring back at me in the photo wouldn’t be soon forgotten.


Peter’s unforgettable face

As most of you know by now, when I got to the auction and headed to the back where all the dumped off “non-papered” horses are kept, the first thing I noticed was one of the horses that the serviceman had given away just a few hours earlier. He was alone in the back looking very unsure of what had just happened. It turns out that MeSue had no intentions of letting 4-H kids ride them; she took “Peter” directly to the auction and left him there to an unknown fate.


Peter’s auction tag

Hours later as the horses went through the ring, I was on pins and needles. Peter was ridden through the ring by an employee of the auction yard. The bidding began. Some people in front of me were bidding on him, and before I knew it he had sold for $150. Afterwards I went to talk to the bidders; they informed me they didn’t get the horse. Somehow, someone had mysteriously outbid them. Without another chance to raise their card, he was marked as sold.   As often happens at the Enumclaw sale, the auctioneer had purchased the horse himself. Ron buys horses at his own sale to send to slaughter or, even more profitable, to resell at a huge mark-up to rescuers in the community. Although the practice is neither legal nor ethical, it continues today.

Over the next few days, the story began to unfold and was picked up by the original Fugly blog in addition to a local news station. The horse known as Peter (Jockey Club: Petersburg Knight) was purchased from Ron for $400 and moved to a private farm. MeSue maintained her innocence; Ron claimed he was doing the horse world a favor by eliminating more unwanted horses and sending them to slaughter; and the rescue community had lighter wallets, but their hearts were full.

Days after being purchased from the “kill pen” at the Enumclaw sale.

Days after being purchased from the “kill pen” at the Enumclaw sale.

Today Petersburg Knight resides with the same owner who purchased him in 2008. He has his own farm, oversized stall, new truck, and has not missed a single meal in the last seven years.

Fat and happy during his first winter (yes, he does have a blanket, too)

Fat and happy during his first winter (yes, he does have a blanket, too)

His race history showed he ran twice. The first race was at Turf Paradise in Arizona where he came in fourth and suffered a knee injury. He had surgery, was given 18 months off, and then returned to racing as a four-year-old. His second race was at Emerald Downs in Washington. He finished sixth, but was the favorite in his next race. Unfortunately he severely bowed a tendon before that third race and was retired permanently. Total earnings: $540

The path he took from the race track to the auction yard is a bit of a sketchy one. My farrier worked on him when he came off the track and said his bow was the worst he’s seen. It took over a year before he was sound enough for light flat work.  Repeated attempts to contact his former owner/agent have been unsuccessful.

The gelding suffered from some hoof issues and minor lameness in the beginning. Over the years he has become a cherished trail horse. He rides and packs all over trails in Washington. He is also a mentor and teacher for younger horses and OTTBs. His confidence and wise nature have a calming affect over nervous and less experienced horses. He’s definitely worth his weight in gold.

Conquering the beautiful trails around Mt. Rainier

Conquering the beautiful trails around Mt. Rainier

“Peter” has been ridden by everyone from toddlers to great-great grandmothers. He’s also been in several parades. Now he is barefoot, sound, and rides bitless.

A local parade in 2013

A local parade in 2013

 At his debut during a benefit horse show; ridden by a 90-year old farm girl

At his debut during a benefit horse show; ridden by a 90-year old farm girl

Note: This week’s story is a three part series. Tune in on Wednesday for part II.




By all means, hide the evidence.


Back in June of 2009 Cesar Parra was asked to evaluate a young stallion named William.  What started as a normal day for his owner became a day of horror and one she will never forget as she is reminded everyday as she sees her horse.  The owner first became suspicious when a Parra employee rapped her stallion on the penis when he inappropriately dropped.   After chastising the girl she met with Parra in the arena to start lunging William. The owner offered to show Parra how she has been working him at home but Parra refused.  What happened next is any owner’s worst nightmare.  Parra was working the horse and tightened the side reins in addition to using a pully rein with the lunge line.  When the young William got off balance due to the restriction he fell.  He fell, fell hard enough to sustain a massive head injury. Parra wouldn’t let anyone help him at first and it took insistence from the owner for him to even undo all the “training contraptions”.  When William went into shock and started overheating the owner asked for a hose.  Parra got a hold of the hose and proceeded to wash the blood off the arena walls rather then help the struggling horse.  You know how we know all this?  BECAUSE THERE IS VIDEO! Video that was presented to the court.  It took five hours for William to get back up.  It then became obvious how injured he was.  It also didn’t help that Parra attempted to lunge William again, against veterinarian advice. William will never be a normal horse again.  William’s owner did what any good owner did an sued Parra for negligence.

But today was a severe injustice for the horses in Cesar Parra’s training barn.  Today a court ruled that Cesar did nothing wrong when he caused irreversible neurological damage to a stallion under his control.   What baffles me the most about this is that the judge ruled that a video showing the direct aftermath of the abuse was inadmissible.   The judge stated it was prejudicial to Parra.  I am sorry, what?! A video showing the effects of an action are now prejudicial?  So if I drive drunk and then run into a car full of nuns, the video showing me doing that is not admissible? How lucky for me.  How can you be serious judge?  That was evidence.  Isn’t the whole point of having the judicial system and a jury trial so that peers can see all the evidence and decide a verdict.  How are they able to do that if the evidence is suppressed?

I really hope the owner appeals.  We have to be able to show evidence in these cases.  In this case video was taken immediately after the fall and showed the DIRECT AFTERMATH of Parra’s negligent actions.  I also wish she would release the videos and as much as I don’t think we should try people in the court of public opinion if it saves one horse’s life because an owner doesn’t send her horse to an abuser then it is worth it.  I do find it ironic that Parra originally coutersued for slander but then withdrew his petition right before the trial starts.  The truth is the best defense to slander and I think he knew it.

I don’t think the jury is to blame in this situation but the judge certainly is.  I want to know on what legal basis a video taken directly after the incident in question can be suppressed.  Even if it is prejudicial to the defendant, isn’t that the point?  The justice system failed William today and hope he gets another chance.

Clearly you didn’t read the blog.

I got a funny email this morning about the ownership of the blog. It made me laugh because clearly these people had no idea what they were looking at and didn’t read the blog.  They were saying Kara Bell (star of this post owned the blog.  Because writing a scathing blog about yourself is something most people do.  Besides have you seen her writing? I am a little offended people thought it could be the same person.

Apparently it all started because of this screenshot:


Once again I am going to mention you clearly didn’t read the blog as that is simply an excerpt from the above post.   If you read the blog you would know that I am clearly against slaughter, am pro rescue and think people like Kara are scum.

Kara Bell has nothing to do with this blog.  The slaughter loving, uneducated, “rescuer” will never even be given space for a guest blog.

Thank you to the person who gave me a heads up to this issue.


Take Note Animal Control Officers.


This is how you deal with a couple starving horses.  You take a complaint and you go out and verify the complaint.  Inevitably the suspect will lie,  “Oh they are under veterinarian care”.  Which is stupidly easy to verify.   “Hold on, I am going to call Dr Smith.”  “Dr Smith has never heard of you, want to try again? “In the meantime you call out a county veterinarian to assess the  condition of the horses, In this case one was so bad they euthanized on the spot.  Obviously the horse was pretty bad.  This is an open and shut case.  Officers verified the owners were lying and promptly filed charges.  None of this, we are working with them and their vet, because I will tell you in 90% of these cases THERE IS NO VET! It is just an excuse.  It gives them time to hide the horses or kill the horses before evidence can be gathered to charge the suspect with abuse.

I am so glad the ACOs in this county know what is up.  They didn’t buy any of these excuses and they did right by the horses immediately.  Other agencies should take notice.  It didn’t take a social media campaign to get the horses out of their abuser’s care, it just took a regular ACO DOING THEIR FUCKING JOB!

I think it was probably obvious that these people were starving the horses as there was no feed on the premises and ultimately the sheriff’s office brought in water and food for the horses.  Plus all three horses were in poor condition.  This is a glaring sign as well.  As life goes on for all of us that own horses we sometimes will get a skinny one.  Maybe they coliced, maybe you are dealing with a medical issue, maybe the horse is starting to have teeth issues and you are working out a mush plan for them, maybe you weren’t good about feeling under that winter hair and the horse got skinny (slap on the wrist for that one!).  It happens, but it is usually just one horse on the property, anytime more than one looks to be in poor condition it is more often than not neglect or abuse.

I am glad the sheriffs office charged this couple to the fullest extent.  They are facing one felony charge and two misdemeanors. While this may not put them away for life, it will change their lives.

I am also happy to see that the original owner of one of the horses stepped up to take that horse back. Way to go Fremont County, way to show the rest of the nation how a neglect/abuse case can be solved and charged quickly and easily.  Now let’s get these abusers convicted and hopefully a condition of their charges will be that they cannot own animals for the rest of their lives.

Guest Post – MCR Equine Abuse

I logged on to Facebook this evening and was met face-to-face with a rather revealing and personal post regarding a particular “Christian Ranch/Camp” that is located in North Vernon, Indiana and owned by a man who is known by the name of Dan Corbin. While I’m sure none of us take pride in the fact that we hold so much haunting knowledge of similar and perpetually never-ending cases of abuse and neglect, a considerable amount of satisfaction will always remain when scum bags such as these are publicly humiliated and outed for the sake of justice.

MCR Abuse 1
MCR Abuse Picture 3 (1)

MCR Abuse Picture 2
MCR Abuse Picture 1

As per the usual, comments arise in several pathetic attempts to defend Dan Corbin (the abuser) by excusing the fact that these pictures display this particular stallion’s physique at the very lowest number on the equine body scoring system. Honestly, this has to be one of the worst cases I have seen yet. This horse is in his late teen years, so it’s completely normal for him to physically, and very literally, resemble death itself. Apparently, the camp is solely run on donations, so the poor planning and money management of the brainless owners means that these animals and their well-being depends on the charitable feelings and pocketbooks of everybody else. According to several people participating in the comment section, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 
How about not running a so-called “camp” AT ALL unless you can responsibly, and independently, care for your own animals financially???

MCR Abuse 2

*Sigh* Excuses, excuses, excuses. I don’t think I have ever seen so many of them utilized to defend someone who clearly doesn’t give a shit about these horses.
I don’t want to just see better efforts to “gain donations”. I want to see these horses placed with someone who is capable of financially caring for them ON THEIR OWN. I’m sorry, but I sure as hell don’t depend on other people to give me money so I can properly care for my horses. As a responsible owner, I will never expect anyone to do so, either.
If you can’t care for them, or if you foresee difficult times ahead, find the animals decent homes before their health ever dissolves into this unacceptable state.
I also love how this person states that “no one beats the horses, so therefore, there is no abuse”. Oh, really? Also, did anyone know how hard it is to make other people just give you their hard-earned money? Who knew?

MCR Abuse 3
MCR Abuse 4MCR Abuse 5

Oh, look, now it’s our fault for not getting our fat asses up and donating money to these people….right, I see how it is now…
The person who blames everyone else in the world for not donating enough money to these abusers claims to be going to college for equine business management. I can’t imagine anything more scary than her attempting to manage a business…

MCR Abuse 6 (1)

The rest of the comments can be found through this link:

The Facebook community page which supports justice for the neglect and mistreatment of these horses can be found below. Let’s quit the bullshit run-around Kindergarten games of blaming everyone else except for the one perpetrator: the owner of these horses. 

Quoted from the page itself:

ere is some of our current concerns with the abuse at MCR:

1. Only source of water for one pasture is a lake that has had oil poured in it. The other is a tank that is rarely filled.
2. Lack of vet/ farrier care
3. Encouraged Inbreeding
4. Horses running loose with no supervision.”

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Fugly in – 

This is absolutely disgusting, and the people who are defending it need serious help.  Abuse takes on way more forms than an animal being beaten.  These horses, and donkeys, are clearly abused. The first stallion, if he truly has been sick since December, probably needs to be put down.  Who thinks he has even been seen by a Veterinarian?  Do you think they have a diagnosis for why he can’t gain weight.  No they just claim they have tried to put weight on him.  Well how about trying to call the vet and figuring out the reason? Ok so funds have dried up so you have a couple options.  You could find homes for the animals, you could rehome the animals (with contracts and follow up), you could euthanize the animals.  What you don’t do is leave them in an overgrazed field with no medical care and no farrier care and then lie about it on the internet.  That donkey’s hooves did not get like that overnight.  That took months if not years. Just like the stallion didn’t get that way overnight.  And why is he still a stallion? Especially if you are running a camp.  You don’t need a stallion, very few people do, why wasn’t he gelded years ago. It wouldn’t change his current condition but it would probably change the other horses beating up on him and you wouldn’t be making more horses you can’t take care of. 

Dan Corbin doesn’t seem like he has missed many meals


I do wonder how many campers have come to the facility and been fed lies and myths about horses.  Oh he is skinny because he is old, Oh they only need the farrier once a year.  Of course their website shows all the horses in good condition but they seem to think it is ok to leave nylon halters on and that two adults riding double is great.



I particularly liked that last year your theme was training 101. Apparently no one trained you in horse husbandry 101 and now the horses are the ones to suffer.  I know it feels good to not have to turn any kids away due to non payment but if that means your horses don’t eat then you need to change the policy.  And I am sorry but prayer isn’t going to feed the horses, or trim their hooves, or worm them, or give them vaccinations.  You need to stop praying and do better by these animals that are making you money.