You don’t get to call yourself a horseman.

Utah lawmakers fail to protect the horses.

It all started with Representative Ken Ivory, who is identified in the above story as a horseman, introducing a bill that would have banned horse tripping.  Apparently Ken lacks balls because he backed down to the pressure and changed the whole bill. Horse tripping is now allowed if the organizers register their event and then report back on any injuries.  Because that is going to help the horses. Ken you are not a horseman, you are not even a good man.  Any person who can look at this video and accept what is done to those horses is not a good person.

And to the people attending this event, who laughed and clapped and cheered, there is a really special place in hell for you that is particularly hot. Where the devil wanders around and randomly makes you run and then pulls your feet out from underneath you.

I do not understand how anyone who sits astride a horse can look at that event and say that is something I want to participate in.  They are clearly someone who is incapable of any empathy and compassion and I put their mentality right up there with animal abusers who go on to abuse spouses, children and become serial murders.

That is why Ken you are not a horseman, not even close.  You may ride horses and you may care for horses, but if you had the ability to stop that and you didn’t because someone gelded you, then you are not a horseman.  I don’t want to hear the excuse that by banning horse tripping it is a slippery slope to banning all rodeo.  Then maybe it all should be banned.  If at any time an animal is abused in the name of “sport” than it shouldn’t be allowed.

Speaking of abuse your state does have abuse laws on the books Ken.  I know your job is to make laws not enforce them but wouldn’t banning horse tripping just give a clearer image of what Utah thinks is acceptable and what is not.  13 other states have banned horse tripping and it seems their rodeos have not suffered. But you are a little chicken shit that couldn’t quite get it done, and you are the “horseman”. Texas had the cajones to ban it, and their rodeo is alive and well.

Looking at Utah’s abuse laws though is horrific, there are so many exceptions that why do they even have them.  Maybe you should get on that too Ken? Utah has decided that:

(ii) “Animal” does not include:

(A) a live, nonhuman vertebrate creature, if:

(I) the conduct toward the creature, and the care provided to the creature, is in accordance with accepted animal husbandry practices; and

(II) the creature is:

(Aa) owned or kept by a zoological park that is accredited by, or a member of, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association;

(Bb) kept, owned, or used for the purpose of training hunting dogs or raptors; or

(Cc) temporarily in the state as part of a circus or traveling exhibitor licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture under 7 U.S.C. 2133;

(B) a live, nonhuman vertebrate creature that is owned, kept, or used for rodeo purposes, if the conduct toward the creature, and the care provided to the creature, is in accordance with accepted rodeo practices;

(C) livestock, if the conduct toward the creature, and the care provided to the creature, is in accordance with accepted animal husbandry practices or customary farming practices; or

So if Billy Bob can get Earl to say that beating the horse to train him is an “accepted animal husbandry practice” Then Billy Bob has a legal defense.  Same as if he starves a horse to death or withholds water and the horse gets impacted.  Oh it is an “accepted animal husbandry practice” nothing to see here.  WHAT?! Why can’t you mandate what constitutes abuse like most states do.  Why have you redefined what an “animal” is.  What is wrong with Utah? No wonder they couldn’t get the balls together to pass a horse tripping ban. They don’t think anything is abuse if it is accepted.  Should I go digging into your domestic violence laws too Utah? I mean it used to be acceptable to stone women to death.  Is that still allowed in your state?

Since I have already compared Utah to Texas in the horse tripping sense then let’s compare your shitty laws to theirs:

§ 42.09. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. (a) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally or knowingly: (1) tortures an animal; (2) fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, care, or shelter for an animal in the person’s custody; (3) abandons unreasonably an animal in the person’s custody; (4) transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner; (5) kills, seriously injures, or administers poison to an animal, other than cattle, horses, sheep, swine, or goats, belonging to another without legal authority or the owner’s effective consent; (6) causes one animal to fight with another; (7) uses a live animal as a lure in dog race training or in dog coursing on a racetrack; (8) trips a horse; (9) injures an animal, other than cattle, horses, sheep, swine, or goats, belonging to another without legal authority or the owner’s effective consent; or (10) seriously overworks an animal. (b) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that the actor was engaged in bona fide experimentation for scientific research. (c) For purposes of this section: (1) “Abandon” includes abandoning an animal in the person’s custody without making reasonable arrangements for assumption of custody by another person. (2) “Animal” means a domesticated living creature and wild living creature previously captured. “Animal” does not include an uncaptured wild creature or a wild creature whose capture was accomplished by conduct at issue under this section. (3) “Cruel manner” includes a manner that causes or permits unjustified or unwarranted pain or suffering. (4) “Custody” includes responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of an animal subject to the person’s care and control, regardless of ownership of the animal. (5) “Necessary food, care, or shelter” includes food, care, or shelter provided to the extent required to maintain the animal in a state of good health. (6) “Trip” means to use an object to cause a horse to fall or lose its balance.

While there are some weird things in there, like is ok to posion, kill or injure another person’s animal as long as it is cattle, horses, sheep, swine or goats and the owner consents. Seriously who writes these things? And that people doing research are exempted.  What they didn’t do is give abusers an out.  They didn’t reclassify “animals” to allow for abuse.

Ken, the non-horseman, you need to get on this.  You need to tell these abusers that this is not ok.  That we are not going to treat animals in this fashion.  You need to grow some balls and do the right thing.  Unless you are particularly fond of hot places and your feet being pulled out from underneath you.


This is how we breed better horses


I wish all stallion owners would run specials like this.  This is what is going to increase quality in our horses.  Ideally in a perfect would we would only breed the best of the best and then the horses that weren’t ideal, and it does happen even in the perfect world, those horses go on to be 4-h mounts and trail horses.  When we strive to breed the very best then quality in general goes up.  Every breeding program should give the mare the same weight as the stallion and it is refreshing to see one do it.  The owner’s of this stallion have made a conscious decision to breed to the best mares and they are taking a pay cut to do it.  Rather then the usual breed to whatever pays the stud fee.  Now I know higher end stallions tend to be a little more particular but I have never seen a special quite like this one and I loved it  I would also like to see the results of this special.  Did breeding two successful horses turn out well or was it a cull?  Time will tell.  Still way better then the other posting on the same page.

2002 APHA mare. She’s 15 hands tall and about 1100lbs. She is broke but can only do light to medium amounts of riding due to a club foot that requires her to be shod in the front year round. She would do great with someone who knows their way around a horse, not recommended for beginners. She would make a great brood mare because she’s well bred and is HYPP N/N. She’s smart and easy to catch and handle. She bathes, loads, clips, stands wonderfully for the farrier and is UTD on everything. She’s got a great little trot and has a nice rocking chair lope that makes for a pleasant ride.
Asking $2,300 or best offer.
Serious Inquiries Only.
Video and papers available upon request

Right, because if they can’t work hard and prove themselves because of a conformational flaw then the next best thing is to breed them?! That is how we have the best, soundest horses is to breed the ones that can’t hack it.  At least that is this person’s view.  I don’t care how well bred they are there are other HYPP N/N horses out there without serious conformational defects that are actually earning their right to breed.  And even earning their right to breed to a well deserving stallion for cheap!

Why proofreading is important.

Unless you are going for a laugh or really don’t know what you are talking about as we will get to soon.

download (1)

Anybody want a court whore? I mean I see that and I think this:breaking-bad-mugshots-04-480w

I think they are trying to say quarter horse but apparently don’t read what they write before they send.

Let’s also see about that size, unless that man is a fucking giant that horse is not even close to 17 hand tie (sic)! We also are working on winning the parent (or caretaker) of the year award by putting the kid on the horse’s kidneys without any of them being secure.  I get he is holding on to the kid but a good buck might shake the grip.  Not to mention the horse looks like a bay zebra.

So people READ WHAT YOU WRITE! Otherwise we have every right to laugh at you!

What contract?

When you adopt a horse most of the time there is a contract.  I know, I have signed three of them.  They mandate how the horse needs to be cared for, usually that the horse is returned if you can no longer care for the horse, and various other provisions.  What happens if this contract is breached?  Well in most contracts it states that the rescue can take back the horse. Unfortunately for Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue that was not the case. According to their Facebook Page :

Horse rescue was dealt a nonsensical blow today and a step back to the dark ages. Misty and Cookie are two miniature horses who were rescued and then adopted in October 2013. In November 2014 they were found by a friend of RRHR to be starved and neglected. RRHR reclaimed them under our adoption contract stipulations; the family helped load them into our trailer. Last Tuesday the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office demanded they be returned to the perpetrator, threatening us with a criminal charge. The perpetrator not once called to see how they were recovering but now claims she owns them after over three months of being rehabilitated at Ruby Ranch. By weight tape they each lost over 100 lbs in Dawn Barden’s care, and their mouths were assessed by our veterinarian as having severe points, hooks, ulcers, incisor misalignment, and an impacted tooth, all due to neglect. We said good-bye to Misty and Cookie under duress. With heavy hearts we wish them safety and well-being, hoping there will be eyes on them in the weeks to come. We told these two minis that all of us at RRHR will fight to have them returned to safe haven. And that’s exactly what we will do.

From the Ruby Ridge Horse Rescue Facebook Page.  Aren't they adorable!

From the Ruby Ridge Horse Rescue Facebook Page. Aren’t they adorable!

Apparently the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office likes horse abuse, or at least likes to leave horses with abusers.  This is the same county that took a lot of media pressure to finally seize and charge Sherri Brunzell in the deaths of her high dollar horses.

These ponies weren’t stolen, they were willingly given back to the rescue to fulfill a contract obligation.  Then I guess the owner decided they weren’t done neglecting the ponies and wanted them back. Of course after the rescue had nursed them back to health. What should have been a civil matter, it is a contracts case, turned into threats of criminal prosecution.  So let me get this straight, El Paso county, you won’t do shit to charge a clear cut case of abuse (Brunzell’s) but when a rescue basically does your job and removed neglected horses now THAT is a crime? Really, that is what you are telling the community?  That it is ok to abuse and neglect horses and if someone takes them and gets them back into health you will help get them back so more abuse and neglect can occur.  Good to know.

These MINI’s lost 100lbs! 100lbs is a significant amount for a mini. they also were in need of veterinary care and it is all outlined in the veterinarian’s report.  And yet you let them go back. Seriously when are you going to learn as an agency? Maybe YOU personally like to be under fed and denied medical attention. As a community our horses, and the other animals who can’t speak for themselves, deserve better.

So what is a rescue to do?  This rescue had clear language that states they can claim back the horses.  They are in the processes of suing to prove this claim. This case could set a very interesting precedent if the horses are allowed to stay with the people who neglected them. The people who never bothered to call or provide funds to get the ponies back to health.  The people who seem to not care at all until they apparently picked up the phone and called the police demanding their “property” back.

Colorado is a brand state.  Should they have held the brand on these and any horses they adopt out.  That would keep the rescue as the legal owner. The problem arises though when the adopter wants to move or travel with the horse as it changes with who is on the brand inspection. Should they hold the brand inspection for a year like the mustang program does.  Is a year a long enough period of time to determine if a family is going to properly care for their adopted animal, and what if something changes in the family?  I think it is a good thing this rescue follows up with adopted animals and I really hope for all rescue’s cases that they are successful in their lawsuit on getting these horses out of the hands of their abusers.




Why?  I mean why do you want to breed her?  I know what the answer is going to be. “Because I love her so much and I want another one like her” How do I know that because I hear it so often.

Did you ever consider what happens if the baby has a totally different personality, or if it kills your beloved horse as she foals, or if it the foal not rideable, or if the stallion severely injures your mare (since you want live cover) or all the many different things that can go wrong with breeding?

With all the foals and horses out there today you could buy what you wanted, exactly what you want for probably less cost and decidedly less risk than breeding your mare.

We can’t stop all breeding though because then at some point we wouldn’t have any horses but just like dogs and cats who have a huge overpopulation problem; all breeding of horses should be carefully planned with only the best of the best making the cut.

This mare is not what I would call the best of the best.  She has a short little neck that will make it hard for her to balance at any sort of performance event.  She has upright post legs that I am sure contribute to her short stride. I am not sure why that seems to be the only redeeming quality the author has posted about in her the ad but I maybe that is the only thing good about her.  Oh that and her color.  Because really THAT does seem to be her only redeeming quality.  Although she makes no mention of overo stallions need not apply.  Hopefully she is aware of lethal white syndrome or hopefully stallion owners are aware.  The ad makes no mention of a performance history and really even if the mare is solidly broke. Maybe she is just observing the short stride on ground.

Not sure why one would prefer live cover to anything else either.  There is so much less risk to both the stallion and the mare that really outside the jockey club and the big ranches that breed everything on their property every year (AQHA has to get their registration fees) live cover really isn’t used that much.  It is cheaper which makes me believe that is why this person wants to use it but the risks aren’t worth it in my opinion.

She has also limited herself to local stallions. With the ability to cool and ship semen we really have the ability to breed the best of the best regardless of locale.  This should be utilized by every person breeding.  It is now possible to find and breed to the best stallion that complements your mare even if the horses are thousands of miles away.  This should be leading to higher quality horses and in most circles it has.  We still have the overabundance of people like this breeding horses because they have the right parts, and maybe are the right color, rather than trying to strive for the best animals.

That Pesky Photoshop! Updated with News Story.


This horse is owned by Roseanne Rodgers but she wants to remind you:


Right someone photoshopped your horse stuck in the mud.  I get it they are after you.  Trying to make you look bad.  Sure the camera angle is what makes it appear this horse is stuck UP TO ITS TORSO IN MUD!  But oh wait, there is video!  How are you going to explain that away Roseanne?



Apparently authorities are already looking into this.  But apparently Roseanne doesn’t think it is a big deal as the horses continue to live there.  In fact this one didn’t get pulled out of the mud until law enforcement mandated it.

This seems very similar to the horses in the troughs we talked about last week.  Horses do stupid things.  We all know that.  It is how we deal with their stupid actions that separate the horsemen from horse owners.  If I had come out in the morning to find this I would have immediately been on the phone with any and all heavy equipment operators until one got to my door to help my horse out.  It also ties into the is neglect abuse post.  When you neglect your property maintenance to the point that it allows your horse to be up to its armpits in mud, that is abuse. You don’t leave it until someone tells you that the horse needs help.  You KNOW the horse needs help. Keep spouting Roseanne.  Maybe it is time to sell the horses and buy some Breyers.

Roseanne does have a website selling horses. but have fun with the blurred vision it is going to cause!




It appears from your Facebook page Roseanne that your spend a lot of time on Farmville.  Maybe it is time to turn off the computer and go work on your real “Farmville” and fix the drainage and mud issue on your property. I know, I know it means you actually have to work at something but get off your ass and get something done. You are on the radar now, don’t mess up, people are watching. Or go with my original advice and sell all the living, breathing horses and get some model ones you can’t mess up.

Roseanne will not give up.  Screenshot from her Facebook:




Roseanne, shut the fuck up. The more you deny it the worse it is going to get. There is VIDEO, that picture is NOT photoshopped and you know it. Stop denying it and fix the situation that made your mud this bad.  Stop feeding the horses in the bad areas,  And to address the comment before yours that “there’s shit to be shoveled” get off your ass and do it. No one helps me with my horse’s needs, so buck up buttercup and take care of your responsibilities. Because THIS on Facebook isn’t really helping your situation much.  It appeared you had pleanty of time for Farmville this morning so I hope your pens are clean.



And back on January 28th you were “building” a Horse stable on Farmville.  Wouldn’t it have been easier to go outside and play with your own horses.  I know I talked about getting model horses but maybe you should stick with the ones on the Internet.  Safer for all involved, but please find new home for the horses you have first, or maybe Animal Control is going to take care of that for you.



Oh Roseanne you are a dirty, filthy liar!!!  And congratulations you have made the local news!

So I am not sure what you mean by this rumor business.



It is not rumor it is fact at this point.  Have you turned off the computer and cleaned up your property yet?  You better do it quick or Animal Control is going to take your horses.  I am kind of hoping you do drop the ball on this and the horses get seized, then they will at least have a fighting chance at a decent life.  Things happen with horses, it is how we deal with them that shows your true colors.



Is neglect abuse?

I saw this news story (CCSO: 12 horses removed from property, owner overwhelmed) and I think the headline is a little misleading as she is being charged, although under a county ordinance rather than a criminal one.  This leads me to a question I think gets bounced around a lot in rescue/law enforcement communities; is neglect a crime? Is it abuse?  I know the article talks about how she didn’t have any ill intent, but does that matter?  Should it matter?  What if it is ignorance?  Is that criminal?

From Live 5 news

From Live 5 news

They kind of are two separate topics.  In the case listed above they say the woman was well educated in horse husbandry but because she wasn’t teaching lessons anymore she was struggling to feed the horses.  To me what transpired next should be considered criminal.  There are options out there if you feel you can no longer adequately care for your horses, and a knowledgeable horse person knows when they can no longer give the horses basic care. She could have sold them, euthanized the old ones that weren’t thriving (I find this option the kindest as sending old horses down the road doesn’t always end well), asked for help from friends, family, community, checked to see if there is a horse food bank in the area.  So many ways she could have mitigated this before the horses got so bad she became a complaint to the city and ultimately charged.

Does that make it criminal, I think it does. She had options she failed to investigate. Had she asked for help several months ago I think the outcome would have been very different for her. I know she surrendered some of her horses and at this point that was the best thing she could have done for them but why wait so long.  Why wait for them to get into the condition they were that two of them were seized? Why was one allowed to breed if she couldn’t care for the others. (One of the horses seized was a foal to go with its mother) That act becomes criminal.  It is no different then if you do something negligent and someone dies because of it.  It wasn’t your intent to cause harm, but it happened and you should be liable for it.  I know for some of these people pride and reputation get in the way sometimes.  Best case would be Sherri Brunzell as she let $2 million dollars in horses die rather than sell one to feed the rest.

What about ignorance?  People who move out to acreage and decided they are going to get a horse or two.  But they have no clue.  They end up feeding them the wrong thing or not providing basic care.  Does that become criminal? To me it depends on how they respond when counseling is recommended.  Do they make necessary changes?  Do they continue on the path of neglect and sub-adequate care? I feel you only get so many chances.  If follow up shows no improvement, barring veterinarian’s note, then it should become criminal.  Ignorance is no defense of the law.

I have written before about reporting things before it is too late. This is an example of why.  If an owner can get on board with a new program then you may have saved lives.  I know in my county they investigate every complaint.  Sometimes it is unfounded, as many people in my county fail to know that a thoroughbred really is built like that, but some are legitimate cases.  It always helps to have another set of eyes on a situation turning for the worst.

What do you think?  When does neglect cross the line to abuse? As the economy improves I hope there are fewer and fewer of these cases where the owner knew better but couldn’t provide.  I want others to recognize there are options out there too. Keep an eye out, lend a hand if you can and as a community let’s work to keep all horses safe from harm.

This is how you handle a horse stuck in a feeder!

Back in December we introduced you to Jerry Earls.  He had starved his horses and then tried to sell them off to slaughter but they were ultimately saved by donations from across the country.  One of Jerry’s horses was stuck in a feeder.  And did he help it out, nope, that takes time and potentially money so he left the horse there to die.

Warning the picture could be viewed as graphic.






from the Justice For Copiah County Horses Facebook page

Then Jerry had the audacity to say, “See there is hay in there, the horses had hay” Right because horses want to eat around their dead pasture mates.

No you fool this is what you do.  You hire someone to come out and help! Maybe even the fire department like in this story!

From the Newport Fire-EMS Facebook page:

Sunday, January 18, 2015 Newport Fire-EMS responded with Rescue 1, AMB2, AMB3, Utility 7 and manpower to 700 Mill Village Road South in Goshen, NH for a Horse stuck in a cement feeding trough. Personnel assisted Goshen Fire Department, along with Lempster Fire Department with removing Horse from the feeding trough. AMB2 transported one to Valley Regional Hospital and AMB3 assessed one emergency personnel on scene with a shoulder injury.

Goshen Fire Press Release:
Horse Rescue Goshen, NH
At 08:27 AM on Sunday January 18, 2015 The Goshen Fire Rescue Department Responded, as well as special requests from Goshen Fire Chief Dan Peterson for Extra Man Power and Equpment from Newport and Lempster Fire Departments as well as a Loader from Goshen Highway Department and a boom wrecker from Stones Auto Body of Newport if needed for lifting.

Newport Ambulance responded to the scene to evaluate an injury to a person on scene.
Also requested was a Veterinarian from Claremont Animal Hospital to evaluate and treat some minor injuries to the horse.

Approximatley 20 Fire Rescue personnel were used on scene to extricate the horse from the trough.
The Rescue personnel placed lifting straps under the horse prior to a unified lifting procedure from the head to tail section of the horse resulting in a positive extrication of the horse in less than 35 minutes from the original call for service. The home owner did not know how long the horse had been in the roughly 30 inch wide x 2 foot deep x 10 foot long cement trough. Special thanks go to the Dispatchers at Southwest NH District Fire Mutual Aid for all of their assistance during this incident.

10622963_699823306782015_4485997987518864962_n10430456_699823303448682_2152959401276452706_n10940406_699823310115348_5762872818737810890_n10896914_699823313448681_8385483889594924807_n 10931034_699823316782014_9218786923383299406_n


Look even the fire department will help you. Don’t just throw your hands up in the air and say oh well.  You are entrusted to care for the horses you have. Man up and take care of them.

Kudos to the Fire Department and all the individuals who helped this horse.


A Quick Post

I came across this ad today and while I will post the text I am not going to post the picture because the ad is just an example of the many I see.

Older 18+ grade gelding, broke, safe for kids/beginners. He does need senior/alfalfa pellets due to the lack of teeth. Been used on a ranch, at Jr Rodeos. Would like to find him his own kid! Would like the family to be knowledgeable about older horses. He is very sweet gets along with any age horse mare or gelding and will not allow another horse to push him around esp his feed. Buyer responsible for health, coggins, and shipping. First come first serve will not hold him. $500 Located by Harrison Ne

Here we have an aged animal, which is usually the case in these instances.  The seller claims they want the horse to have a new family, a new kid, someone knowledgeable and yet the horse is available first come first served.   Really?! You seem to want to care but can’t follow through? What is so hard with vetting new owners and calling references to ensure your horse has the chance at a future?  My bet is the kill buyers sit around looking for ads like this and then show up first cash in hand.  Now this horse is right on the cusp of being food since he is priced low.  Is it low enough to entice the meat men, I guess that depends on the local market, but why tempt fate. There are homes out there for horses like this, they really don’t take that much time to find.  Isn’t it worth it to ensure a horse that has probably packed your kids around and built their confidence has a good future? It is sad the owner can’t hold him for the perfect family to come this weekend who would love him forever because the money glowing in their eyes is too much.

Fugly Horses of the Day

More reader submissions from local craiglists.

Award Winning Pedigree Mare 

00808_5GHnK8Y8lwu_600x450 (1)

Award Winning Pedigree with this mare.

Sire: Artful Investment– Seven time WORLD CHAMPION! Stud fee of $1,200.00
Dam: Blessed with chocolate.

Registered name is Art Ia Mocha. #4727962 15.5hands high.
The white markings on legs she was born with (AQHA papers prove it)!
She is 100% American Quarter Horse and is nine years old!
A loving, sweet and gentle companion. Amazing with kids.
She has had years of of training for western pleasure, natural horseman ship and horseman ship in general! YEARS OF FULL TIME TRAINING with the idea of stewarding the champion in her!
I purchased her from a Western Pleasure trainer for show!
I am looking for an a good home and for a buyer that is willing to invest in her. Pref. a breeder.
Great investment & breeding opportunity!

While I don’t think this is a horrible mare and probably has value somewhere. But if she has had years of training with the “idea of stewarding the champion in her”  with no show results that says something.  Either your trainer is a scammer taking your money or she just really isn’t that good.  The fact that the seller wants her to go to a breeder is worrisome as well. She hasn’t done anything worthy of breeding.  Especially if you bought her from a trainer who still didn’t do anything with her.  Hopefully she goes to a 4-H show kid who puts her “YEARS OF FULL TIME TRAINING” to good use.  She doesn’t need to be popping out babies just because she has certain names on her papers.


Another one breeding because he has the parts. 


Kiger Stud 12-13 yrs old. 15h
Dun No White. 6 months of training. Saddle broke but not rode in 5 yrs. Excellent conformation. Dun & Grulla Colts. Excellent feet & bone. Improve in offspring conformation.

Make offer. Trades Considered

Because we need more mustangs.  I know there is the Kiger Mustang registry but it doesn’t appear he is registered with them.  The pictures don’t show anything good enough to evaluate but I could find several more just like him.  He is kind of a dime a dozen. Plus he looks to be a branded mustang which means he should have been gelded when they pulled him off the range.

download (5)


No more babies for you.  He shouldn’t have had any to begin with.  Time for the Gelding bus.


Two year old at the feedlot


“Booty” $400
This is a very nice QH type stud colt, built to the hilt! Its obvious he comes from good breeding, but he does not come with papers, and his bloodlines are unknown. He is a chunk, and is around 14 hands currently (still growing). This kid has so much potential, its really a shame he is still at the feedlot! He could go in any direction, just look at that build! Get him gelded, let him grow another year, and you’ve got one heck of a nice horse to start training.

This horse is on the Moses Lake feedlot, and he will be shipped to slaughter if not purchased. Booty has been there for quite awhile, so his time may be short. I am not associated with the feedlot in any way, I am just trying to help these horses find homes while they have time. They can ship any day, they will go to Canada or Mexico. You can email me with any questions and I will do my best to help or point you in the right direction. The feedlot owner gives these horses a chance to be purchased before they ship, but they only have so much time.

If you want to purchase him, you can call the feedlot owner Tony at show contact info or visit the Facebook page The Moses Lake Horses for more information. The facebook page is ran by a lady who is very dedicated to helping these horses, and there is a large network of people there who also work together to help bail these horses out and get them into homes.

Link to the facebook page:

Who is going to look at him and think he has good breeding, Stevie Wonder?  I wouldn’t look at his little pig eyes, and cow hocks and immediately think good breeding.  I get sometimes well bred horses end up on feedlots but not two year olds.  This horse was failed from the moment he hit the ground.  Again Why? Because whomever bred him either intentionally bred him for the slaughter market or didn’t think of the responsibilities of a foal.  Either way they are pieces of shit who hopefully never breed anything again.  Poor little baby, hopefully he will get upgraded before he ships.  This shows the byproduct of the rampant overbreeding going on in this country though.

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