That Pesky Photoshop!


This horse is owned by Roseanne Rodgers but she wants to remind you:


Right someone photoshopped your horse stuck in the mud.  I get it they are after you.  Trying to make you look bad.  Sure the camera angle is what makes it appear this horse is stuck UP TO ITS TORSO IN MUD!  But oh wait, there is video!  How are you going to explain that away Roseanne?



Apparently authorities are already looking into this.  But apparently Roseanne doesn’t think it is a big deal as the horses continue to live there.  In fact this one didn’t get pulled out of the mud until law enforcement mandated it.

This seems very similar to the horses in the troughs we talked about last week.  Horses do stupid things.  We all know that.  It is how we deal with their stupid actions that separate the horsemen from horse owners.  If I had come out in the morning to find this I would have immediately been on the phone with any and all heavy equipment operators until one got to my door to help my horse out.  It also ties into the is neglect abuse post.  When you neglect your property maintenance to the point that it allows your horse to be up to its armpits in mud, that is abuse. You don’t leave it until someone tells you that the horse needs help.  You KNOW the horse needs help. Keep spouting Roseanne.  Maybe it is time to sell the horses and buy some Breyers.

Roseanne does have a website selling horses. but have fun with the blurred vision it is going to cause!




It appears from your Facebook page Roseanne that your spend a lot of time on Farmville.  Maybe it is time to turn off the computer and go work on your real “Farmville” and fix the drainage and mud issue on your property. I know, I know it means you actually have to work at something but get off you ass and get something done. You are on the radar now, don’t mess up, people are watching. Or go with my original advice and sell all the living, breathing horses and get some model ones you can’t mess up.


Is neglect abuse?

I saw this news story (CCSO: 12 horses removed from property, owner overwhelmed) and I think the headline is a little misleading as she is being charged, although under a county ordinance rather than a criminal one.  This leads me to a question I think gets bounced around a lot in rescue/law enforcement communities; is neglect a crime? Is it abuse?  I know the article talks about how she didn’t have any ill intent, but does that matter?  Should it matter?  What if it is ignorance?  Is that criminal?

From Live 5 news

From Live 5 news

They kind of are two separate topics.  In the case listed above they say the woman was well educated in horse husbandry but because she wasn’t teaching lessons anymore she was struggling to feed the horses.  To me what transpired next should be considered criminal.  There are options out there if you feel you can no longer adequately care for your horses, and a knowledgeable horse person knows when they can no longer give the horses basic care. She could have sold them, euthanized the old ones that weren’t thriving (I find this option the kindest as sending old horses down the road doesn’t always end well), asked for help from friends, family, community, checked to see if there is a horse food bank in the area.  So many ways she could have mitigated this before the horses got so bad she became a complaint to the city and ultimately charged.

Does that make it criminal, I think it does. She had options she failed to investigate. Had she asked for help several months ago I think the outcome would have been very different for her. I know she surrendered some of her horses and at this point that was the best thing she could have done for them but why wait so long.  Why wait for them to get into the condition they were that two of them were seized? Why was one allowed to breed if she couldn’t care for the others. (One of the horses seized was a foal to go with its mother) That act becomes criminal.  It is no different then if you do something negligent and someone dies because of it.  It wasn’t your intent to cause harm, but it happened and you should be liable for it.  I know for some of these people pride and reputation get in the way sometimes.  Best case would be Sherri Brunzell as she let $2 million dollars in horses die rather than sell one to feed the rest.

What about ignorance?  People who move out to acreage and decided they are going to get a horse or two.  But they have no clue.  They end up feeding them the wrong thing or not providing basic care.  Does that become criminal? To me it depends on how they respond when counseling is recommended.  Do they make necessary changes?  Do they continue on the path of neglect and sub-adequate care? I feel you only get so many chances.  If follow up shows no improvement, barring veterinarian’s note, then it should become criminal.  Ignorance is no defense of the law.

I have written before about reporting things before it is too late. This is an example of why.  If an owner can get on board with a new program then you may have saved lives.  I know in my county they investigate every complaint.  Sometimes it is unfounded, as many people in my county fail to know that a thoroughbred really is built like that, but some are legitimate cases.  It always helps to have another set of eyes on a situation turning for the worst.

What do you think?  When does neglect cross the line to abuse? As the economy improves I hope there are fewer and fewer of these cases where the owner knew better but couldn’t provide.  I want others to recognize there are options out there too. Keep an eye out, lend a hand if you can and as a community let’s work to keep all horses safe from harm.

This is how you handle a horse stuck in a feeder!

Back in December we introduced you to Jerry Earls.  He had starved his horses and then tried to sell them off to slaughter but they were ultimately saved by donations from across the country.  One of Jerry’s horses was stuck in a feeder.  And did he help it out, nope, that takes time and potentially money so he left the horse there to die.

Warning the picture could be viewed as graphic.






from the Justice For Copiah County Horses Facebook page

Then Jerry had the audacity to say, “See there is hay in there, the horses had hay” Right because horses want to eat around their dead pasture mates.

No you fool this is what you do.  You hire someone to come out and help! Maybe even the fire department like in this story!

From the Newport Fire-EMS Facebook page:

Sunday, January 18, 2015 Newport Fire-EMS responded with Rescue 1, AMB2, AMB3, Utility 7 and manpower to 700 Mill Village Road South in Goshen, NH for a Horse stuck in a cement feeding trough. Personnel assisted Goshen Fire Department, along with Lempster Fire Department with removing Horse from the feeding trough. AMB2 transported one to Valley Regional Hospital and AMB3 assessed one emergency personnel on scene with a shoulder injury.

Goshen Fire Press Release:
Horse Rescue Goshen, NH
At 08:27 AM on Sunday January 18, 2015 The Goshen Fire Rescue Department Responded, as well as special requests from Goshen Fire Chief Dan Peterson for Extra Man Power and Equpment from Newport and Lempster Fire Departments as well as a Loader from Goshen Highway Department and a boom wrecker from Stones Auto Body of Newport if needed for lifting.

Newport Ambulance responded to the scene to evaluate an injury to a person on scene.
Also requested was a Veterinarian from Claremont Animal Hospital to evaluate and treat some minor injuries to the horse.

Approximatley 20 Fire Rescue personnel were used on scene to extricate the horse from the trough.
The Rescue personnel placed lifting straps under the horse prior to a unified lifting procedure from the head to tail section of the horse resulting in a positive extrication of the horse in less than 35 minutes from the original call for service. The home owner did not know how long the horse had been in the roughly 30 inch wide x 2 foot deep x 10 foot long cement trough. Special thanks go to the Dispatchers at Southwest NH District Fire Mutual Aid for all of their assistance during this incident.

10622963_699823306782015_4485997987518864962_n10430456_699823303448682_2152959401276452706_n10940406_699823310115348_5762872818737810890_n10896914_699823313448681_8385483889594924807_n 10931034_699823316782014_9218786923383299406_n


Look even the fire department will help you. Don’t just throw your hands up in the air and say oh well.  You are entrusted to care for the horses you have. Man up and take care of them.

Kudos to the Fire Department and all the individuals who helped this horse.


A Quick Post

I came across this ad today and while I will post the text I am not going to post the picture because the ad is just an example of the many I see.

Older 18+ grade gelding, broke, safe for kids/beginners. He does need senior/alfalfa pellets due to the lack of teeth. Been used on a ranch, at Jr Rodeos. Would like to find him his own kid! Would like the family to be knowledgeable about older horses. He is very sweet gets along with any age horse mare or gelding and will not allow another horse to push him around esp his feed. Buyer responsible for health, coggins, and shipping. First come first serve will not hold him. $500 Located by Harrison Ne

Here we have an aged animal, which is usually the case in these instances.  The seller claims they want the horse to have a new family, a new kid, someone knowledgeable and yet the horse is available first come first served.   Really?! You seem to want to care but can’t follow through? What is so hard with vetting new owners and calling references to ensure your horse has the chance at a future?  My bet is the kill buyers sit around looking for ads like this and then show up first cash in hand.  Now this horse is right on the cusp of being food since he is priced low.  Is it low enough to entice the meat men, I guess that depends on the local market, but why tempt fate. There are homes out there for horses like this, they really don’t take that much time to find.  Isn’t it worth it to ensure a horse that has probably packed your kids around and built their confidence has a good future? It is sad the owner can’t hold him for the perfect family to come this weekend who would love him forever because the money glowing in their eyes is too much.

Fugly Horses of the Day

More reader submissions from local craiglists.

Award Winning Pedigree Mare 

00808_5GHnK8Y8lwu_600x450 (1)

Award Winning Pedigree with this mare.

Sire: Artful Investment– Seven time WORLD CHAMPION! Stud fee of $1,200.00
Dam: Blessed with chocolate.

Registered name is Art Ia Mocha. #4727962 15.5hands high.
The white markings on legs she was born with (AQHA papers prove it)!
She is 100% American Quarter Horse and is nine years old!
A loving, sweet and gentle companion. Amazing with kids.
She has had years of of training for western pleasure, natural horseman ship and horseman ship in general! YEARS OF FULL TIME TRAINING with the idea of stewarding the champion in her!
I purchased her from a Western Pleasure trainer for show!
I am looking for an a good home and for a buyer that is willing to invest in her. Pref. a breeder.
Great investment & breeding opportunity!

While I don’t think this is a horrible mare and probably has value somewhere. But if she has had years of training with the “idea of stewarding the champion in her”  with no show results that says something.  Either your trainer is a scammer taking your money or she just really isn’t that good.  The fact that the seller wants her to go to a breeder is worrisome as well. She hasn’t done anything worthy of breeding.  Especially if you bought her from a trainer who still didn’t do anything with her.  Hopefully she goes to a 4-H show kid who puts her “YEARS OF FULL TIME TRAINING” to good use.  She doesn’t need to be popping out babies just because she has certain names on her papers.


Another one breeding because he has the parts. 


Kiger Stud 12-13 yrs old. 15h
Dun No White. 6 months of training. Saddle broke but not rode in 5 yrs. Excellent conformation. Dun & Grulla Colts. Excellent feet & bone. Improve in offspring conformation.

Make offer. Trades Considered

Because we need more mustangs.  I know there is the Kiger Mustang registry but it doesn’t appear he is registered with them.  The pictures don’t show anything good enough to evaluate but I could find several more just like him.  He is kind of a dime a dozen. Plus he looks to be a branded mustang which means he should have been gelded when they pulled him off the range.

download (5)


No more babies for you.  He shouldn’t have had any to begin with.  Time for the Gelding bus.


Two year old at the feedlot


“Booty” $400
This is a very nice QH type stud colt, built to the hilt! Its obvious he comes from good breeding, but he does not come with papers, and his bloodlines are unknown. He is a chunk, and is around 14 hands currently (still growing). This kid has so much potential, its really a shame he is still at the feedlot! He could go in any direction, just look at that build! Get him gelded, let him grow another year, and you’ve got one heck of a nice horse to start training.

This horse is on the Moses Lake feedlot, and he will be shipped to slaughter if not purchased. Booty has been there for quite awhile, so his time may be short. I am not associated with the feedlot in any way, I am just trying to help these horses find homes while they have time. They can ship any day, they will go to Canada or Mexico. You can email me with any questions and I will do my best to help or point you in the right direction. The feedlot owner gives these horses a chance to be purchased before they ship, but they only have so much time.

If you want to purchase him, you can call the feedlot owner Tony at show contact info or visit the Facebook page The Moses Lake Horses for more information. The facebook page is ran by a lady who is very dedicated to helping these horses, and there is a large network of people there who also work together to help bail these horses out and get them into homes.

Link to the facebook page:

Who is going to look at him and think he has good breeding, Stevie Wonder?  I wouldn’t look at his little pig eyes, and cow hocks and immediately think good breeding.  I get sometimes well bred horses end up on feedlots but not two year olds.  This horse was failed from the moment he hit the ground.  Again Why? Because whomever bred him either intentionally bred him for the slaughter market or didn’t think of the responsibilities of a foal.  Either way they are pieces of shit who hopefully never breed anything again.  Poor little baby, hopefully he will get upgraded before he ships.  This shows the byproduct of the rampant overbreeding going on in this country though.

If you see a horse that you think should be feature here email me at




New Year to get back on track.

Sorry I have been quiet for awhile. My grandma died right before the holidays and it was tough on my family.  But 2015 is here and so let’s get started again.  I have some big updates on some old stories and some new stuff so come play along, comment, send me story ideas and guest posts and let’s all have a good 2015.  You can send everything to!

Because training them takes time.

So we just put them in a contraption to “fix” all the problems.


Doesn’t he look happy?  Let’s see if we can decipher all that is on this poor horse’s head.  It appears they have take a combination gag bit (like this)87780-1

and instead of putting the mouthpiece in the mouth for whatever reason they have used it as a pseudo curb chain along with the curb chain that is  already there.  Then they have a fancy wire tie down just because.  Then to top it all off they have tied it all together.

Why?  How bad is this horse?  Couldn’t more training be of use here.  Although looking at his eye it appears he is already in a state of learned helplessness. Basically the poor guy has given up.  No matter how hard he tried to tell his rider he doesn’t understand,  or he hurts, or whatever is causing his disobedience they just throw on more contraptions so he can’t act out.  It is a poor training method but unfortunately one that is used often.  Remember this poor horse. 422526_349657281735172_178115402222695_1104455_1078256524_n


Instead of training them they just force them where they want them.  I saw comments on the first horse that he was in a parade and maybe a stallion and needed more control.  Maybe they just need to go back to the round pen and start over.

Another horse in a parade, in a snaffle and the rider is bareback.


How about Rugged Lark? He was a stallion and he put on all sorts of shows bridleless. OMG how did he ever do it? Training.  Without quick fixes without contraptions and gadgets.  Just time and good training. Head to 3:24 for the bridleless part.  He is amazing.  That didn’t happen overnight that took time.




Another delusional horse owner -Updated 12/6/2014


What is with these people who have all these dead horses and yet think they did nothing wrong.  The “not my problem mentality”.  This guy even goes so far and says it was God’s Plan for all the horses to die. All these horses that he left to rot. This one is in Mississippi and the “I didn’t do anything wrong” man this time is Jerry Earls.


Of course now that the pictures have hit the news and social media they are suddenly gone.  Buried, he claims.  No one could come out earlier he claims.  No, we all know you weren’t going to do anything until someone else found you out.  He claims he that the “boy with the tract hoe” wouldn’t come out a month ago.  Sorry again, those horses, well at least some of them have been laying there for more than a month.  More delusions. I hope he buried them according to law because it is a $1000 fine per incident if he didn’t.  Better yet I hope he didn’t since maybe that will hurt a little and make him think about his actions.

“No, I ride a horse 7 days a week for a living,” added Earls.

He made this comment to the news.  I wonder what that horse or horses look like.  Or even what he says is true.  Maybe he is lost in his own delusional world and now thinks his truck is a horse.  I guess they do say there are 350 horses under the hood.

Finding another news story it appears this guy not only doesn’t take care of his horses but he steals livestock too.  He pleaded guilty to charges of stealing a bull, 20 cows and 21 calves.  He is still on probation for that crime.  But he doesn’t do anything wrong.

The pictures from the woman who found them are shocking and disturbing.   Jerry, this horse has been dead more than a month.



The law is looking into whether any of these horses were stolen as well.  This one just had a set of new shiny shoes put on. Then you let her die? Where did she come from?


What is wrong with you Jerry?  You are saying the same things as Larry said that the horses were just dropped off and came to you in bad condition.  Bullshit a horse with a fresh set of shoes did not come to you in bad condition. Speculation on the one above is it was a mare who died during foaling.  Because you know checking on your horses takes time and energy and apparently those aren’t important things for Jerry.

The couple that found the horses had this to say about the scene:

“There were horses with missing eyes. Some were walking on three legs, and some were messed up so badly that they couldn’t walk. A lot of them had cuts, and there was pus coming out,” he said. “There were a lot of baby horses out there, and we could smell something dead, but we couldn’t find it at first.”

But it was God’s Plan they died, right Jerry, I mean not because you didn’t get care for them.  Or that you let them rot with infection or die while foaling.  You did the best you could right?

I am so sick of these people amassing  these large quantities of horses and then just letting them die.  They are conducting their own hunger games, survival of the fittest and it is not right.  Who needs over a hundred horses?  Really probably nobody. The care and effort of that many horses requires a large staff and a lot of money to do it right.  Clearly this was not done right.

Jerry says he isn’t hiding anything and you can see hay out for the horse.  Let me ask you this though Jerry, when was the last time they had their teeth floated?  Just because they have hay in front of them doesn’t mean they A were able to masticate it properly or B that is was of sufficient quality for them to get nutrition out of it.  Plus you did this to the water source.


That horse has been waiting way longer than a month for burying.  Get it together Jerry, you are not a horseman you are scum.  Scum who can’t see what is in front of your eyes.  If you don’t think you did anything wrong then you need a very rude awakening.

Jerry hasn’t been charged with anything as of yet, although the local chapter of the Humane Society of the US is investigating.  While I have never been thrilled with the HSUS’s fundraising skills they do step in and help with the legal stuff well.

This story is brand new and developing so we will keep you informed.


Update – this Facebook post from the Mississippi Board of Animal Health:

The Copiah County Sherrif’s Office has charged Jerry Earls with animal cruelty. They have confiscated four horses and have them under veterinary care.

Horses that had been hauled away have been located and brought back to Mr. Earls’ property and are under quarantine by the MBAH.

The MBAH continues to investigate the source and health status of the horses and has determined that they belong to an individual in another state.

All horses do have access to food and water.

If you wish to contact MBAH or offer assistance, you may contact them at (601) 359-1170 or via their FB page.

Finally he is being held responsible. Maybe now he will start to think he may have done something wrong.  Maybe it wasn’t all “God’s Plan”.  I would imagine some of the reason he was charged was the public pressure, so let’s keep the pressure on.

Someone has started a campaign to have this case investigated by independent parties.  Earls brother is a deputy and so it makes sense to have another agency either do the investigation or at least oversee it. Don’t need any conflict of interest to muddy the waters.

The mugshot that you should pass around.  This man should never own another horse, or animal, again and we should all know his face.

Copiah County Sheriff's Office

Copiah County Sheriff’s Office




If they don’t sell, we’ll breed more and other Craiglist fun!

These were all based on reader submissions.  Keep them coming!  Email me at

download (3)

A little tough to read unless you blow it up. From the Ad:

I have a few “paint horses” for sale 30 to choose from $500 to $5000, many are broke to ride, mostly big horses. other breeds available also, call
show contact info
for more info. shown by appointment only, thanks!

A few isn’t really 30.  A few would be like two.  You have many, or just the number would work too.  Being that you put “paint horses”  I am going to venture a guess that these are not registered paint horses.  You know they have a color for that.  It is called pinto.  When a horse has those markings and it not a registered paint, which is a breed and a color, it is just called pinto.  I know there are other breeds because omg look a solid one!!!

00P0P_gRCU285GeVo_600x450 00B0B_5e3Q35RLEmO_600x450 00W0W_ahOidY70SEH_600x450 00x0x_kPOICRALedW_600x450 00t0t_be9W3HzGQQB_600x450

None of the pictures are great so it is hard to judge them at all.  I do know if you are going to try to get $5000 out of a horse you need to have better pictures than a bunch hanging around in the herd. At least they are clean and have their hooves trimmed. If you are in northern California and think you might want to upgrade one of these guys here is the ad. 

Our next horse is all about the adage a (good) stallion makes a great gelding.  Well I wouldn’t have called him a good stallion but he does look like he will make a good gelding.


Here is his ad.

If you want lots of color and a great mind, this is the boy for you. He is an APHA registered homozygous paint gelding that absolutely loves people. He is 9 years old. Was previously used to breed. But was gelded a few months ago. So now is ready for a home where he can be someone’s riding partner. He has been started under saddle and has shown no signs of bucking or any other naughty habits. On his 3rd ride, we rode him around the property. Such a sweet boy with an awesome and calm mind. He was already such a calm stallion. So as a gelding, he is that perfect sought after laid back kinda horse, that was born broke. It won’t take much to get this guy going out on the trails. He will literally load into anything. Including a tiny two horse straight load trailer. Come meet him and see if he is what you’re looking for. This is the kind of horse that would be perfect for that 4-H kid that wants to train their own horse. You are welcome to come see him and ride him around. We are not in a hurry to sell him. So please be serious when inquiring about him. APHA papers are in hand. Has had his teeth floated a couple months ago. In great health and good weight. No soundness issues. Nice solid feet that don’t require shoes. This guy will make someone an awesome riding partner. Pics taken 11-12-14 Asking $3500

Would possibly trade him for a good running vehicle or a horse trailer.

Of course he didn’t do anything before except breed.  Wouldn’t want to make more quality horses would we.  He had the right parts and now he has a few foals.  Perfect. I am glad someone finally came to their senses and gelded him since there really isn’t anything there that is gold that needs to be passed on.  I am glad he was easy to break and he probably will make someone a great horse if he really is as laid back as they say.  But why?  Why not break him before breeding him.   Seriously people why wait 9 years to do the right thing?

Onto the next, Sneaky, sneaky but I see what you did there.

download (4)

16 year old sorrel morgan mare rides decent no buck bite or kick hasn’t been ridden in awhile I saddled her up she rode off fine good trail horse ill.even throw the paint in the picture in shes 14 n broke

Two for one special.  But we won’t mention it until the end.  Kind of like you take that one you get that one too.  Hopefully they both get upgraded.  People take better pictures.  I know it takes work but every horse is capable of standing and eating from a hay pile.  Clean them up and take some decent pictures!!






I was going to take care of them, I swear

Well at least that is what Larry Browning said after authorities found 49 dead horses on his property.   He claims people would just drop them off but sorry Larry once you started feeding them and didn’t report them as abandoned you became responsible for them.  You couldn’t even bother with taking the halters off of them.   I know this happened back in April but I think it is important to get his name out there are someone who is incapable of caring for horses.

Did you really have intentions of selling them?  Or is this just your MO since you appear to have had problems feeding your horses back in 2011 and 2013.

According to the article above Larry had 49 dead horses on his property along with 51 live ones. 15 of them so emaciated they seized them.   Vets put their Henneke scores at 1.5-3. Some were even dead entangled in the barbed wire trying to escape the madness.  It was so bad that the only food and water they had was tainted by decaying carcasses.  Nice work Larry.  The county’s equine investigator is calling it the worst case he has ever seen.

Larry is full of good quotes about the horses and the horse market.

“I have not done one thing wrong,” he said, noting he wasn’t on the farm when animal control officers were there.

If I wasn’t there I didn’t do anything wrong.  That is the problem Larry you didn’t do anything.  You didn’t feed them, you didn’t water them, hell you didn’t ship them off to slaughter like you said you were going to.  Nope it was better to just let them starve, die and rot on your property.

Browning said he doesn’t mistreat horses and in some cases slaughtering them is the right thing to do.

“I don’t believe in slaughtering good horses,” he said. “But when they get mean or crazy or a certain age, or they’re crippled or they’re really, really old, I think it’s more humane to slaughter them than to let them starve to death, a slow miserable death. I really do.”

Oh so you don’t mistreat the horses you just don’t feed them.  Is that different?  In your eyes it must be.  Larry, just about anything is more humane than allowing a horse to starve to death, how about those 49 on your property?  Larry you realize there are other options between slaughter and starving to death right?  Like humane euthanasia performed by a veterinarian. If you were going to take them to slaughter, why didn’t you?  Too much time, money, effort.  Hell grab a gun and euthanize them and it would be more humane than what you did.  The truth of the matter is you are a sucky person who didn’t care about the horses.  You put minimal effort to maybe make some money and when that didn’t work you just turned a blind eye.   Eve you admitted you weren’t there when Animal Control seized the horses.  It is because you couldn’t care two shits.  I hope the charges open your eyes a little bit.  You claim you didn’t do one thing wrong.  I am glad your conscience is clear but you did several things wrong.  You could have reported the abandoned horses (they weren’t really abandoned were they Larry?) you could have fed them (maybe).  You could have not allowed 49 horses to die and then not properly take care of the bodies.  You did a lot wrong but I know you will never admit it.

I can’t find any disposition on this case.  There is a trial pending for Larry Browning in January so hopefully that is him and when he is going to get his rude awakening.  You might not think you did anything wrong, Larry, but the law thinks you did.  Please don’t get anymore horses.