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Your emaciated horse is down in horrific pain with colic.  What do you do? Post it on Facebook, of course. Looking for a drug that is prescription only, so illegal for anyone to give or sell to you. Did you know there is a person out there who is trained in this sort of thing?  They have gone through 8 years of schooling so you have someone to call when there is an emergency and they will come and help your horse with their pain. They even have Banamine with them! It is called a vet and I am sure the mobile phone you just used to take that picture could also look up the number to the one closest to you.  Just looking at this horse I suspect it probably needed the vet a long time ago and this colic was a couple weeks or months in the making.   Don’t cheap out and allow your horse to suffer. Call the Vet, even if it just to have them put the horse out of its misery.


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This sounds safe.  Riding a neurological gelding even on the best footing, with no changes in grade and for short periods would be a risk, but you want to go out on the trails and cattle sort with this horse?  Why?  Are you hoping to end up like him? Or dead, or in a wheelchair?  Does he really need to be ridden or are you being selfish and riding him because you can.  This is just an accident waiting to happen and it is not fair to the horse.  It doesn’t bother you to ride a horse with a pronounced limp, it doesn’t make you think that maybe you are doing something cruel?  How would you feel if you had a pronounced limp, either from pain (bute has to be doing something to make him more comfortable) or something neurological, and you were forced to strap on a backpack and go jogging.  It would be real fun for you wouldn’t it? Retire the poor horse or put him down. He doesn’t deserve the very real possibility of hurting himself further or killing his rider because he fell.  I do think the diagnosis is a little suspect as Bute wouldn’t do that much for a neurologic horse. It might lessen the inflammation some in the nerves and make it a little better but not usually MUCH more comfortable.  I would bet this horse has a lot more going on than they are saying.  I do hope they find someone to make the horse more comfortable, if even trimming or shoeing will even make a difference in his case, but I really hope they man up and stop riding the poor thing.

This next one probably deserves its own post but because there isn’t a lot of information on it I am going to put it here.  If more information comes out I will update in its own post.

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If I am reading all these posts correctly someone stole the horse, loaded it in the trailer, crashed the trailer and left the horse in the wreckage.  Are you serious? Does anything about this stink to you?  If it is true, what sort of asshole does this to a horse.  Just left it there on the road.  She wasn’t even that injured according to the person who found her.  Just a couple of scratches.  The police are trying to trace the trailer and hopefully the horse gets the care she needs, including being protected against theft.  That trailer looks like a death trap even upright on its wheels.  What a good mare to even load into that death trap.


Then I leave you with this.  Because we have had so many people featured here who seem to think they must beat, force and break down a horse to make them work for us. Then we have the wonderful Buck Brannamen, who I will love forever after he tore into the woman with all the stallions. If you don’t know what I am talking about you need to watch his documentary Buck.



Turning a blind eye

Yesterday I saw this post:


Along with these pictures:

11412351_10204564727939491_1914438931965347904_n 10426204_10204564726259449_4446286641216602363_n 11011940_10204564724499405_4909129807930940543_n


Haylee Sauberan appears to not only be a “dressage trainer” but has competed in the jumpers and eventing as well. Although her USEA membership expired in 2011 and has not been renewed.

She has a detailed Linkedin Page showing her history:

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What she fails to mention is she has a temper.  It takes a particularly evil person to beat a horse until it falls four times and then continue to beat it.  I had a horse double barrel me and I didn’t even hit it once.  I did chase her around the round pen until she thought she was going to die, and she never kicked again, but my  response was appropriate for the situation. Beating a horse after it bucked you off because it was protecting itself from your initial abuse  (rolkur) is cruel and sadistic.  Especially in front of other people. You have no shame and clearly don’t think you are doing anything wrong when you commit your acts of violence in front of witnesses.

What about those witnesses?  That is going to be the main subject of my blog today.  We all know now Haylee is a piece of shit, and I think the facebook poster did a good job of outing her, but let’s discuss the people that witnessed this half an hour beat down and didn’t do anything.

Why don’t people intervene?  Are we conditioned to help or run away from things? Not one person in the barn stood up and said no? I am going to give a personal experience and then go into my thoughts about why people don’t intervene.

I was at a Grand Prix jumping event once.  The first round had gone and we were in the jump off. One rider cut the turn a little too tight, buried his horse, and the horse refused.  The man then started to beat the horse with his crop.  I mean hard, and way more than the allowed number.  This jump was right against the rail where the spectators were sitting.  Several people stood up and shouted at him to stop. I couldn’t believe it, but I also couldn’t be more proud of the community that day for standing up to a person who has obviously lost their temper.  This doesn’t happen often.  I have heard numerous stories about riders and trainers abusing their horses and nobody steps in. Why?

I think some of it still has to do with mentality.  There are still people out there that think beating an animal is no big deal and we are superior to them.  We saw this with the Jeromy Mixon Case with the people defending him.  Apparently some people still haven’t moved into the 21st century.

I think the bigger reason is the image of authority.  When one is in an authority position it can make it hard to stand up to that person, even if you know what they are doing is wrong.  We saw it in the case of the trainer beating the school horse in front of the student.  The student hesitantly tries to protest but you can tell it is hard for her because the person doing the beating is their trainer, and an authority figure.

The best case in point to the authority figure argument is the Milgram Experiment.  If you want to read about the whole thing here is the Wiki link.  I know not always the best source of information but it is pretty complete.  In very basic terms the study took participants and asked them to shock another individual.  The individuals being “shocked” were actors and only pretended, but the participants didn’t know that.  Most of the individuals continued shocking even after listening to the “screams” of the actors, all because a person in authority told them to do so.  How does this relate to people stepping in when witnessing abuse?  People don’t want to go against authority so if the person doing the abusing is their trainer, or someone they previously liked and respected it is hard to overcome that for most people to intervene.  They rationalize it that “the horse deserved it” or “she (or he) knows what he is doing”,  rather than doing what they know is right and telling them to knock it off like the spectators at the Grand Prix did.

One other thing to consider is if a person has crossed the line and now all they are seeing is red, will they turn on the person trying to stop them?  I think this is another concern for people thinking about intervening. Nobody wants to be injured and attacked and we all have a pretty good sense for not putting ourselves in danger.  In this case though, at least according to the post, there were multiple witnesses. They should have gone together in a pack to confront Haylee.  They had half an hour to organize something, but instead they all stared and watched. They are all culpable for the horse’s abuse as they all could have done something to stop it.

What should one do if they are in a situation where a person is beating an animal relentlessly?  You could confront the person.  I personally would have removed the whip from he hands and turned it around, but I know not every one is capable of that. You don’t have to get physical, even a comment such as, “(Trainer’s name) you need to take a time out” can bring a person back to reality and stop what they are doing.  If you fear for your safety and then is no one there to back you up, or they don’t want to, call the police.  Beating an animal is illegal.  You don’t even need to say anything to the abuser, just step away and make the call.  Then while you wait for the police, be a good witness.  Take video, note times, locations, and what is occurring.  Write it down if possible.  If you fear there will be repercussions for that, think if this is where you want to be and where you want your horse to be.  I would much rather be kicked out of a barn than think that my horse was being abused there. Especially after witnessing one be beaten.

Horses have no voices.  Most of them are agreeable enough that they don’t fight back when beaten, even though they could kill us if they wanted to.  That’s what makes it so sad. Then they have the heart a lot of times to come around to trust humans again.  If humans had that kind of heart a lot of our problems wouldn’t exist. But we don’t and there are people out there content with using animals as their punching bags. We must stop these people. So speak up if you can or at least be a good witness. And spread the word. This woman has lost all credibility and should never work as a trainer again.

Do you want your kid to live to adulthood?

If not then continue to take unnecessary risks with them, like this parent:

https://www.facebook.com/240714429375645/videos/793660167414399/ (I tried embedding the video and it won’t work.  Sorry, I will keep working on it.)

I know the caption says father but this sure looks like a woman riding with the kid.  Whomever it is thinks more highly of their own safety and their own brain than their child’s.  Why would one ever think this was a good idea? There are so many things that can go wrong when jumping even with the best of horses and best of riders.  Now we have an added element of a child sitting between the rider and the saddle and in the middle of the reins.  This isn’t going to affect the rider at all, nope not a bit.  I don’t understand why people take this risks.  Do they not love their kid? Do they want their kid to make it to adulthood?  Or maybe they love their kid so much they want to be caring for them as a vegetable for the rest of their life.

I don’t care if you have the best horse in the world, accidents can happen.  A horse can slip, spook when it never has before, have a medical event.  So many things that could end up with your kid,  and maybe you, on the ground. Your kid has her whole life ahead of her, why ruin it for a moment of “fun”.  I know the kid wants to, I know the kid probably did have fun, because they are unaware of the potential consequences.  When I was a kid I wanted to play in the tiger pen at the zoo, I loved tigers.  Did my parents let me, of course not.  As parents they have the responsibility to weigh risks and tell the child no.  Kid throws a temper tantrum, tough, it is better then having to bury them or change their diaper for the rest of their life.

I know nothing bad happened in this video, but it do easily could have. I didn’t find it to be a cute video at all, I cringed the whole way around waiting for something to happen.  It just isn’t safe to put a a child on a horse in that manner.  You want to have the child ride, fine, teach them to ride in a safe manner, with proper safety equipment. In a couple years you might have a prodigy like this child:

This child is on a skilled horse, but is clearly skilled themselves.  He has clearly been taught by professionals and is wearing proper headgear.  This is something I can say is amazing.  While the fences are large, he is not overfaced and the horse is handling it well.  His position is spot on for a little guy and I would be at this point he is a very capable rider.

Could bad things happen to this rider, of course.  Bad things can happen to any rider.  This is why precautions must be taken.  Proper equipment and headgear.  Properly trained riding.  Not putting a child who has no clue in the middle and hoping for the best.

But I was just training them.

I am sure you have seen it by now, because it is all over Facebook, but today we meet Jeremy Mixon, although he has also spelled it Jeromy. He fancies himself a trainer of horses.  He likes to use the “old school” methods of riding them while they are too skinny to protest and tying them up and standing on them to “prove who is the boss”.

sRSx0rWmvZ (1)


Yep, you are a great trainer Jeremy.  You are able to force those horses into submission so well. The one on the right is in need of either two years of growing up or 200lbs.  Doesn’t look like you have missed many meals so why aren’t you feeding your horses? If they don’t have any energy they are easier to break?

Of course, because it went viral on Facebook the comments are all over the place.  There are the groups that agree this is abuse and should be punished accordingly.  Then you have the other group who thinks this is perfectly acceptable and a common form of training.

Maybe it was.  Back when it is was also legal to beat or kill your wife for even perceived notions of her not being faithful.  Back when women had no equal rights and back when your race made you were either superior or inferior to your peers. If you want to be stuck in that time and that way of thinking that is your prerogative but as a species I would like to think we have evolved a bit. We have found better ways to break horses and train them.  Ways that involve building a partnership rather than forcing submission.

This method of training is called flooding and it usually precedes the horse going into a state of learned helplessness.  Both methods are known forms of torture. The animal gives up an submits because he has no choice and nothing he will do will ever get him out of the situation he is in.  He gives up because there is nothing left to do.  The horse will now work but it doesn’t create a partnership and it doesn’t create a horse that works for you because he wants to.

With my own horses I want them to work with me and allow me to ride them because we have a relationship built on trust and them knowing I will never put them in a situation they can’t handle.  I don’t want them doing things because they are scared of the consequences. I give them clear directions and I expect them to listen.  I have never needed to tie them up and stand on them to get results.

So what is this guy proving, besides he is an idiot?  Well in a way he is showing that there is still a large group of people who think treating horses in this manner is not only acceptable, but warranted.   That should be scary as a society.  As long as people continue to think this behavior is acceptable it will continue.  We need to be strong in our voices that this is not how we should be treating animals it is completely unnecessary for training.

Sign the petition if you want to see Jeremy punished, or at least investigated.  He clearly thinks he did nothing wrong and he needs to think otherwise, and so do his supporters.

Same Old Shit, different day.

Today’s ad comes from gumtree.com: (My comments in red)

For sale $1000 ONO
Selling my 12 year old Liver Chestnut thoroughbred to a caring⁄loving (because we wouldn’t advertise for a crappy,abusive home) home her name is “PINK” she’s 15.2 hands and due to moving soon I am un able to take her with me (horses don’t explode when moved) she’s broken in (Like a good pair of boots) very quiet has a fantastic personality she’s very old (Wait how old is she again, I thought she was twelve.  How long do you think horses live? This horse is in the prime of her life, not old) and would suit someone who would like to get back into riding or someone who is doing easy riding like trail riding she’s up to date with worming she’s good with having her feet checked and trimmed, good with being floated and being rugged
She loves to be hosed with cold water like most horses on a hot summers day and gets along with other animals like pigs, cats, dogs, cows and other horses
I am unable to ride her my self at the moment due to having a bad knee and because She has flat feet at the moment this can be fixed (Why have you not bothered to fix them?) and controlled by the right owner⁄farrier (Which clearly you are not the right owner)
This is an URGENT sale because I would like her to have a fantastic new home before I move (Of course it is urgent, because why plan or think you could move her with you, or have you conceded you are not the right home?) 

Of course the pictures are awful and show nothing about the horse except they are good at eating and avoiding obstacles in their pen.

$_20 (1)

$_20 (2)

It is the same thing day after day. On craiglists, on facebook, on gumtree, kijiji, where do all these people come from.  Why is it that no one seems to plan ahead, or is even able to take a decent picture.  That doesn’t cost anything. Clean the horse up, stand the horse up, watch your background, shoot!  It really isn’t that hard.

Instead we like to dump them on the internet like an old sofa.  Then expect others to be the perfect, loving, caring, responsible home that they couldn’t be.  Beggars can’t be choosers people and in the end it is the horse that suffers.

When you dig yourself a hole…

at some point you should stop digging.  Today we meet Elizabeth Brix of Shake It Easy Horses.  A customer Sent her a Thoroughbred that look like this:


And Elizabeth turned it into this:


So Carrie, the owner, posted the whole story on Facebook. 



Then of course the comments started and Elizabeth chimed in.  Of course none of it was her fault, it was the owner of the barn, he shivered it away in one month, he was overweight when she got him. all of the bullshit excuses that people like to throw out when they are caught in the act.  She is also claiming that Carrie is blackmailing her for money.



So he was out of shape when you got him Elizabeth, so what? He was a little overweight when she dropped him off and getting him in shape would be part of a trainer’s plan right?  Starving him to a 2/3 on the Henneke scale is NOT what a trainer should be doing.

Then she starts digging her hole.  Here he was a month ago she claims.  Look at him then.  Sweetheart this doesn’t make your case it just makes it more and more likely you starved him this last month.  It is one thing when a horse is losing weight so slowly that is is hard to detect on a day to day basis, but when they drop 200#s in a month, THAT is noticeable.




Then you can’t keep your story straight, in one comment he is just fine and in another you were demanding for him to be moved and fed more.  Which is it? You clearly don’t have one story you are sticking to.

Here is the video those pictures were taken from:

Then the best excuse ever pops up, “He is skinny because he is a Thoroughbred”.  That is about as stupid as he is skinny because he is old.  While very fit Thoroughbreds show a glimmer of rib that shouldn’t extend to their hips and spine you idiot.



Then we go back to the well he does need more food and I was working to get it to him.  When were you going to make that happen, when he was dead?  This back and forth just shows how stupid you are making the situation and that you are still in your hole digging, rather than admitting the wrong and laying out what steps you are doing to fix it.


It doesn’t matter if there is a whole pallet of grain out there next to his pen.  If he isn’t getting it, it isn’t doing much good is it?  If you are the trainer there how hard is it to walk through all our horses and give them their proper diets?

Now she is claiming she blanketed him after being called out for letting him shiver.  And once again she claims she asked for him to be given more food but clearly didn’t follow up.


Thank goodness the barn owner had the sense to call the owner of the horse.  Which makes Elizabeth’s claim about it all being the barn owner’s fault a little fishy.  Then it gets even more fun as Elizabeth starts posting pictures of other Thoroughbreds for sale that are showing a little rib.  To show that is ok.  Screenshot_2015-06-01-20-59-43_zpsflnx7cbt

She goes on to post several more.  Elizabeth, if you think that those horses compare even slightly to the condition this horse is in you are severely delusional.  Those horses are in great show condition and are fit.  Cat is emaciated. There is a huge difference.

Then there is the ad for the horse that Elizabeth posted on Dreamhorse:


Easy pasture keeper.  Did you really write that he is an easy pasture keeper? In what world, magic, fantasy land with the Unicorns grazing.  Clearly he is not an easy pasture keeper. When you lie about one thing it makes one wonder what else you are lying about.

One thing I do wonder about is why Carrie hasn’t gone to get her horse.  If it was me and I received a photo of my horse and he looked like that I would be mad dash hooking up my trailer and going to get my horse.  He shouldn’t have to endure one more day with the people not feeding him.  I am hoping because this was posted late last night that she is going to get him today or making special arrangements with the owner of the facility to get him into a different environment and more food. It wouldn’t also hurt to have a veterinarian out to see him and confirm his health.  I would run bloodwork to make sure everything is functioning properly and make sure the only thing he is suffering from is lack of calories.  After that I would be calling Animal Control and reporting this person.  This doesn’t happen overnight. It appears this case got this bad in the last month, but it wasn’t overnight.  This person deserves punishment for allow a horse to get into this condition.  I get a horse losing weight and then gaining muscle mass while in training but for a horse to go from a 6 on the Henneke scale to a 2/3 without a solid cause and veterinarian intervention is neglect, and as we have discussed before that is abuse.

Oh Wait, there’s more! (Added June 3, 2015)

Elizabeth is still stuck in her hole, but now she is beating a dead horse.



We get it, you think Thoroughbreds should be ribby.  Again there is a HUGE difference between “ribby” and what the horse in your care looked like.  You saw it everyday, you walked right past it w

ithout fixing it, it is your problem.





Screenshot_2015-06-03-09-48-35_zpsllxi3lty (1)

Now she is moving. She is stating it is because “They had co.petition among trainers and the 16 year old resident daughter won. One of my horses in training starved and the facility blamed me even though I brought it to their attention repeatedly. I can assure you I’ll be way better off and the horses will think they died and went to heaven”

So now you are admitting the horse is starving? If the barn won’t do anything about it, and the owner’s contract is with you then YOU need to do something about it. YOU pull the horse out everyday and feed him extra. And stop with the Thoroughbreds, you are not proving any point and look dumb standing there beating the dead horse.

Second Update on 6/5/2015:

I got an email from a friend of Carrie’s stating that she had picked up Cat, he was a 2.5/3 on the BCS scale as I stated above, and he had recent saddle marks on him. What do you say to that Elizabeth, surely you weren’t RIDING him in his condition.  They also sent over some pictures.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1




Breeder’s Futility

This is one of the best typos, or Freudian slips, I have ever seen. I know I have been a victim of this myself, even though I try to proofread like crazy but this one had me laughing right out loud:


That sure is the breeders(sic) futility.  I would say those horrible upright, post hind legs sure are a perfect example of a breeder’s futility.  Futility in not reading the breed standard and making completely ineffective horses.  That ad text throws me a little too, because for the most part it is well written and legible and then we get to wuz.  You meant was right?  Was it really less difficult for you to spell it wuz? I mean on the keyboard w, a, and s are all touching.  It seems you created more work for yourself by misspelling the word.

I wish all sellers would be as honest as you. Because even though I know you meant the horse was at the FUTURITY, you gave us all a good lesson in futility.  Plus a really good laugh.


Sherri Brunzell’s trial was this week.  If you don’t remember she was featured here, here, here and here. To summarize she was caught with 10 live horses and four llamas, living among the remains of 13 dead horses.  These were all high dollar horses mostly from the cutting world. Estimates of the value of the dead horses was put at $2 million.  AQHA pulled her membership and all of her rights.  The horses were seized and have since gained weight and are back to good heath.

The jury found her guilty on 8 counts of animal cruelty.  That was out of a possible 14 counts.  Really jury.  So only some of the horses were abused? I think this is a good decision I just wished she would have been found guilty on all charges. I also would have liked to be present in the jury room as they decided which horses weren’t being abused.  Was it the mares because they were free fed but didn’t get any medical care.  Or the stallions whom she admitted she only fed every other day?

Either way hopefully she knocks off this bullshit that she did nothing wrong. You killed those horses Sherri, you killed them with neglect and a wanton disregard for their needs.  You allowed your pride and narcissism to impede in your judgement.  Yes you had high dollar horses but that didn’t make you special and once you stopped caring for them you  just became a giant dirtball.  You could have easily sold one horse to pay to feed the rest, but hiding them in a barn to walk among their dead friends was a better choice, wasn’t it.

I hope you don’t get your horses back. I hope the judge decries that you will never own animals again.  You wouldn’t be able to get past your self centered attitude in order to care for them.

Partial justice was done today, hopefully the rest will be done at sentencing.  RIP to all the great horses who perished at Sherri’s hand.  Good life to those who made it and survived you.

dual peppy

Dual Peppy in his glory days


Dual Peppy on the days he was freed from his torment.

I survived

This looks like a good idea!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.  You have won the bad parent de jour!

received_10206737906711625_zpsdfrdcjidIt gets even better than the picture.  Here is the Ad Text:



You have what? You have ridden him on the trails with no worries?  Great parent you are.  No worries about what, about potentially killing or severely injuring your daughter.  Why oh why are you taking that risk?  That baby is little, probably 4-6 months.  They are still gaining head control at that point. You feel you can safely ride the horse and maintain proper holding on your infant?  What if something happens?  There is no way you can maintain a horse and keep a hold of the baby properly.  This is just a stupid risk to take and when something happens you will scream freak accident.  No sweetheart a freak accident is a meteor falling from the sky, this is just stupidity and taking dumb risks.  I get it, you want to ride but pay a babysitter and potentially save your baby’s life.

Going back to the first picture, it is as stupid as the riding with the kid.  It doesn’t matter how good a horse is, they are still horses and still unpredictable. Which means leaving him potentially attached (I really hope he isn’t attached and the rope is just there) to your baby carriage. Can you imagine if he spooked and that rope got caught in the stroller and now your 1000 pound horse is dragging your child all over kingdom come all because you wanted a cutesy photo. Or it could be as simple as him jumping to the side and knocking the stroller over and stepping on her.  Either way a photo op is not a good enough reason to give up control of your horse.

Stop, just stop.  Either get someone to come with you to the barn to help you with the child or pay someone to leave the child at home.  Don’t risk your child’s future because you are selfish.





Your wording matters



This popped up on Facebook today and of course made the crowd go wild:

download (4)

This person eventually went on to delete the post.  This is why your wording matters.  There was nothing in the original ad about these being recipient mares.  Just looking for mares “to breed”, without papers, without mention of quality.  It is easy to see how people got upset and  so did I.   The first ad screams backyard breeder and someone who is breeding without care.  The kind I think of as breeding horses only because the have the right parts rather than trying to breed the best horse possible.  A big reason I think everyone jumped on the original person is the ad is so plausible.  All of us have dealt with the person who is breeding horses willy nilly.  If you haven’t come across one of these people consider yourself lucky because they seem to be everywhere.  They all think they can so what they want and if they want to breed Bessie who looks like a cow to Earl who looks like a goat that is their prerogative.  It is sad but it is the world we live in.   So when everyone jumped on this person it wasn’t to be mean it was because they see it all the time and there really is no reason to breed such low quality animals.

Turns out, as she says in the comments, that she was looking for recipient mares for an embryo transfer program.  How hard would it have been to just ask for that in the original ad?  “Looking to purchase some mares to receive embryos.”  That wasn’t difficult.  Plus it puts people in a much better position to help, and allows you to find the perfect mares. Not every mare is cut out to be a recipient.  They have to deal with drugs, being handled and palpated, not to mention that have to be good moms and be reproductively sound.  Not every mare fits that bill.  Which is why just mentioning it would have saved the bashing you endured and gotten you closer to your goal of acquiring mares.

Another thing to consider when buying horses with the intention of using them as recipients is their suitability.  Ideally you need a mare about the same size or larger than the donor mare.  You also need a mare that is at the same exact spot in her cycle as the donor mare. This can be done with drugs but some mares don’t tolerate the drugs well. This is the reason the large breeding facilities that offer embryo transfer have so many mares available for lease or purchase.  You can bring you mare in for flushing after the breeding that they will usually have several recipient mares to chose from that are a match for your donor mare.  This usually works out better than trying to sync your own mares, although I know people who have done it.

The one thing I might have issue with is the needed of multiple mares.  If she has multiple donors than that is why one would need multiple mares but I don’t like this “pseudo cloning” thing some people are doing.   That is when they take one mare and one stallion and then try to create as many foals as possible.  To me that is just flooding the market and it does nothing to help better the breed.   We just make genetically similar horses that are then prone to the same genetic defects or anomalies.  What does this mean for the offspring?  Well it can lead to one illness or condition wiping them all out at once because they are so closely related. AQHA allows unlimited registered foals out of one mare. (Side note: I feel like I read somewhere that this rule was being changed to go back to one foal a year, but I cannot find any evidence of that.)  While some in the industry say it hasn’t changed prices or flooded the market I still think that the risk of lack of genetic diversity could still have an impact on the horse industry.

All in all I think embryo transfer can be a really good tool for breeding the best of the best horses. If you have a mare that is competing at the top of her game and you don’t what her to miss a season it is a great way to be able to breed her without risk to her and without missing any shows. Are there limitations and risks, yes or course, but it is one way to get better quality horses.  Just make sure you chose your words carefully.